“This is the King of Bacon”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The Christie/Paul 2016 skirmish got ugly on Tuesday evening, Save Jerseyans. 

Responding to Christie, who inferred that the libertarian Senator was a hypocrite for bringing home federal money to Kentucky, Rand Paul told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that “[t]his is the king of bacon talking about bacon,”




Earlier Tuesday, during a Sandy relocation funds announcement, Gov. Christie had responded to Sen. Paul’s latest attack with unsolicited advice: “if Senator Paul wants to start looking at where he’s going to cut spending to afford defense, maybe he should start cutting the pork barrel spending that he brings home to Kentucky.” Listen:


Others in the champions’ respective camps weighed in, too, with U.S Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) defending Paul and Asm. Jon Bramnick (R-NJ) remarking on Facebook that “Rand Paul is making a big mistake picking a fight with New Jersy [sic] Governor Chris Christie.”

You may not love the tone of their back-and-forth, Save Jerseyans, but at least they’re engaging on substance!

It’s a hugely important discussion for the GOP to have if we want to develop a united front (and an ethos for electing Republicans) in the next presidential cycle.

And for what it’s worth, both men made perfectly good points once you get past the insults: (1) Gov. Christie did look the other way on a lot of pork/waste in the Sandy bill, but (2) relatively affluent states like New Jersey do redistribute a substantial portion of their wealth to poorer states like Sen. Paul’s Kentucky.

Your thoughts, Save Jerseyans?

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18 thoughts on ““This is the King of Bacon”

  1. I enjoy the wing-nuts going after one another. It highlights the split in the GOP, especially with the yahoo states primary voters Christie would have to bend over backward to appease if he chooses to run for Prez, assuming he can beat Buono.

  2. Whatever chance Christie had of running in 2016 on the GOP ticket is now gone. If the GOP wants to lose to Hillary then they will keep pushing Rubio and Christie down our throats. If they want to win, then they will push new blood like Rand and Cruz…the libertarians, or more libertarian than the Red or Blue Big Government party

  3. Though I am not a fan of Christie, he was defending Hurricane Sandy money. For that reason, Paul is out of bounds, plus, you don´t make fat jokes. That is an intentional fat joke. It tells us how low Paul will sink. I wouldn´t vote for Paul if he ran for dog catcher.

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