NJEA Once Again Proves Why It Sucks

NJEA Once Again Proves Why It Sucks

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

AppleThe New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) is out with its first round of TV ads for the 2013 cycle this week, Save Jerseyans, and they really suck. On multiple levels.

“Cuts” highlights $1.3 billion in education cuts that occurred during Chris Christie’s first year as governor. The ad conveniently forgets to mention that those monies were subsequently restored and, as of this writing, New Jersey’s public education system is operating with record levels of state funding. With roughly 1.36 million public school K-12 students and about $9 billion in education spending for FY 2014, New Jersey taxpayers are spending around $6.6k per student on an annual basis. Not too shabby… assuming you’re one of the dolts who thinks money correlates to quality in a government-run system!

The second equally-terrible spot titled “Tests” features a teacher (and former Democrat candidate for office) who complains “[i]t’s so sad to see Governor Christie turning our schools into test-taking factories.” Right. Because it wasn’t that way four years ago?

They’re objectively ineffective ads, folks. The first ad doesn’t even mention the incumbent by name. And the total cost of these weak sauce televised advertisements?

> $1 million.

But remember: the NJEA believes in throwing good money after bad. Your money to be precise. If history is an accurate guide, and it usually is, the NJEA will spend approximately 10-times that amount by the time Election 2013 is over and in the can (they’re already dumping money into leg races).

It’s all paid for by union dues (they rake in a 9-figure sum on an annual basis) and, since these compulsory dues come out of a teacher’s paycheck, they’re really paid for by John and Jane Taxpayer.

I suspect that million plus dollars wasted on lying about Chris Christie’s record could buy a lot of teacher health insurance, new text books or even motivated new teachers. Or dare I say… vouchers?

Instead, we’re about to see some overpriced, over-caffeinated and under-socialized political consultant score an epic pay day as union bureaucrats scramble to protect their influence in a noncompetitive race.

All “for the children,” right?

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