Election Day Voting Hijinks Plague GOP

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Wooden Ballot BoxSometimes the margin makes it inconsequential insofar as the final result is concerned, Save Jerseyans, but sloppy, antiquated or in some cases downright corrupt vote tabulation procedures are costing the GOP in close contests.

The 2012 presidential election provided its own examples, but you’ve also been following the drama down in LD2 right here at Save Jersey.

That’s not all. Check out the latest development in Passaic County (h/t Bergen Record):

“Sherine El-Abd, the superintendent, said volunteers from the Passaic County Regular Republican Organization have spent the weeks since Election Day combing through voter logs and checking signatures beside ballots that were cast. Although that probe is not complete, El-Abd said Republicans have identified “more than 10,000” ballots that contain purported voter signatures that bear little resemblance to the handwriting found next to voters’ names in previous elections.”

If that’s the case, then it’s easy to see why Republican Assembly candidate Joseph Scarpa in LD38 (who lost by 54 votes with one Passaic town in his district) thinks a recount is warranted. The usual convenient Democrat response is that “every vote should be counted.” Of course! If it’s actually a vote. Isn’t that the one million dollar question? A fraudulent vote does just as much to disenfranchise citizens as does a non-vote.

There’s no easy solution. A legal fix to tighten up voting standards (including a common sense voter ID law) is unlikely with a Democrat legislature, but if we’re ever going to win these tight ones in the future, Save Jerseyans, the GOP needs to immediately and vastly expand and improve its Election Day poll monitoring operations AND work  much harder to get Republican county clerks elected. We’re getting killed out there and it’s a threat to our democratic process that should concern everyone regardless of party affiliation…

20 thoughts on “Election Day Voting Hijinks Plague GOP

  1. Scarpa won Hawthorne by something like 500 votes…are you insinuating that it's possible he won by more in such a tight election? Also, the Republican Mayoral candidate Goldberg won by 1,000 votes in Hawthorne.

  2. @Michael Insinuating? Or asking questions? 10,000 votes divided by 16 munipalities is 625. If I lost an election by a few dozen votes AND the Passaic GOP's concerns discussed in that Bergen Record article are ultimately validated, then you can be damn sure I'd head to court and demand scrutiny.

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