Double Meaning in Time’s Fat Joke?


By Susanne LaFrankie | The Save Jersey Blog

Christie ElephantA cheap shot, an attempt to get social media a twitter or a creative, legitimate play on words?

Having been in a few newsrooms, I suspect it’s the former. Let’s face it Save Jerseysans: the media for all of it’s fourth estate high brow, Dudley Do Right haughtiness is in a business. A business of selling content. It was a clever play on words, referring to Christie’s girth and the GOP’s mascot.

The question is does Christie mind? Self-deprecation regarding his weight is part of his schtick. Remember his Letterman appearance when he downed a doughnut?

While in Asbury Park the other night, as I walked around the convention center taking in the band, balloons and Christie faithfuls, I questioned the Governor’s appeal: is it policy or personality? In many ways, not unlike Obama, “The Governor” is a celebrity, and just like his personality, his weight is part of his gigantic persona…

Would he be as endearing, a regular Joe, if he was (were) an Adonis? I suspect not. The GOP has tried coiffed and refined. No offense Governor like most voters I prefer real.

After all, this weeks Time magazine does feature THREE articles on Christie and his “landslide” re-election” in its latest edition (due out Friday), insisting he is the “instant GOP front runner for 2016″… and the “The Elephant in the Room.” 

Hmm. While the Governor has had lap-band surgery to lose weight claiming to the NY Times he is more than halfway to meeting his goal, he may be commenting on both his weight and his political ambitions.

Susanne LaFrankie
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Susanne LaFrankie is a former Philadelphia television reporter and radio talk show host. She has covered countless political campaigns, legislative proceedings, Supreme Court arguments and White House press conferences. The married mother of three teens, she has spent more then half her life living in Jersey.


  1. I am surprised it took people this long to realize that. It's like "the whale at the wall" joke.

  2. People have to get over that he is overweight or even that it matters. They mean to say that the best and last hope for the Reasonable Republicans is actually the 800 pound gorilla in the room. This is the Republicans best chance to come together and show people that they deserve their vote. Don't ignore the solution when it's smack in front of your nose.

  3. As a big man, I find this cover very offensive. When did it become acceptable for a "respected" periodical to ridicule a man's weight? Ok. Time Magazine has differing political views than Governor Christie. Does that give them the right to "bully" him? What if he was a gay man? What if he were a black man? What if he was a Muslim man? Time would NEVER use those things against him. Why is the fact that he is a large man any different?

  4. The Leftists are giving him notice not to feel too cocky just because they enabled him to get elected.

  5. This will be he norm from here on out. Going to LOVE watching them sweat for the next 3 years.

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