Stepien’ing into Control

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

GOP State HouseDo a simple Google image search and you’ll come up empty, Save Jerseyans, but one of the Garden State’s youngest Republican operatives is now unarguably one of the nation’s most important.

In addition to taking on an advisory role with the Republican Governors Association (RGA), we learned on Tuesday that 36-year old Chris Christie campaign manager and Deputy Chief of Staff Bill Stepien will serve as the new chairman of the New Jersey Republican Party’s State Committee.

Both roles afford Governor Christie and his consultant-in-chief, Mike DuHaime, an invaluable set of eyes, ears and hands in both worlds; Stepien, in turn, has the ability to steer tens of millions of dollars in donations.

“I’ve worked closely with Bill over the years as he’s managed the Governor’s campaigns, so I know he has exactly what it takes to serve as Chair and continue the progress we’ve made,” said departing NJGOP chairman Sam Raia in a press release.  “Bill is a leader in our Party, and his chairmanship will be an asset to Republicans at every level, up and down the state.”

All things start small. Stepien’s roots in N.J. politics go deep and long-precede his current role as Christie’s chief enforcer, beginning with on state Sen. Anthony Bucco’s 1997 State Senate campaign. He later went to work for DuHaime and the rest, as they say, is history.

“I’ve asked Bill Stepien to be our new State Party Chairman because no one better understands how to grow our Party, communicate our message and, most importantly, win elections,” added Governor Christie.  “Bill Stepien is the best Republican operative in the country, and New Jersey Republicans will be fortunate to have him leading our Party.”


7 thoughts on “Stepien’ing into Control

  1. Christie is a RINO – he does not deserve to be president. Democrats/Republicans all cogs in the same machine. Get smart America – vote patriot!

  2. Even as Christie is riding high, the state party is in shambles. It is ironic that after two terms of a popular Republican governor, the party (ex-Christie) is making new lows. The Gov is not a party builder. Apres moi, le deluge.

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