New Jerseyans Still Voting With Their Feet

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The United Van Lines annual migration study is out again, Save Jerseyans, and once again our beloved Garden State is ranked #1… for outward migration.

I can’t imagine why! After all, the trio of taxes, crime, and corruption are great hooks in real estate circulars.

Check this out:


You’d think voters in high-tax states like Illinois, New York and yes, New Jersey, would start to notice a correlation between their votes and the need for escape. You’d of course be wrong. The map speaks for itself but old habits die hard… like this week’s moronic mandatory home sprinkler legislation?

God help us.

3 thoughts on “New Jerseyans Still Voting With Their Feet

  1. I would love to move out of this god forsaken state! When my daughter is out of highschool I am out of NJ

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