NY Corzine Lawsuit Advances

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Hilldawg hugging Corzine
Hilldawg hugging Corzine

Good news from the federal bench, Save Jerseyans (h/t ABC News):

The judge said allegations by the agency, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, provide “reasonable inferences” that Corzine illegally transferred funds from customer-segregated accounts while he was chief executive officer of the New York City-based MF Global Holdings Limited. More than $1 billion in customer money vanished. A former MF Global assistant treasurer is also accused.

The judge, Victor Marrero, rejected efforts by Corzine’s lawyers to dismiss the lawsuit and other lawsuits making similar claims. He said he must accept the claims as true at this early stage of the litigation.

Why do bad things happen to good people? =)

In all seriousness, Jon “M’Fn Global” Corzine could be in for a world of hurt this time around. Need to catch up on this story? Click here to visit our MF Global scandal archive. And stay tuned…

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