Get Ready for Foodgate

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

soup kitchenTeam Christie was already preparing for a somewhat-muted Inaugural celebration relative to 2009 thanks to Bridgegate. No one likes playing defense, least of all a political organization known for aggressive, 24/7 offense.

Then along came Winter Storm Janus, poised to dump anywhere from 6” to 14” of snow on the Garden State.

“Unfortunately due to the anticipated severe weather conditions posed by today’s winter storm, we have made the decision to cancel this evening’s Inaugural Celebration at Ellis Island,” announced the Inaugural team in a Tuesday morning press release. “This action has been taken out of an abundance of caution based on the most up-to-date reports which predict that the incoming storm threatens the region, including the northeastern portions of New Jersey and the shore areas, with significant snowfall that will pose a serious hazard for individuals traveling on road ways.”

No word yet as to whether the event will be rescheduled for a later date.

Food from the party is being donated to food pantries in Jersey City, home of frosh Mayor Steven Fulop, a Democrat running for governor who’s consequently reached for his own post-Bridgegate reprisal headlines but, as it’s also widely-known in N.J. political circules, secured support from Christie’s core supporters in his bid to unseat Jeremiah Healy last year.

Hoboken is just down the road, Save Jerseyans…

How long before Dawn “Fibber” Zimmer complains that her town’s soup kitchens lost out on a major food donation due to political retribution? And a MSNBC host jumps all over it with a cute graphic?

Synchronize your watches…

Of course, Mayor Fulop’s own disloyalty to the Republican Governor will make Zimmer’s charge seem more than a little absurd to those of us with functioning brain cells. Not that a little thing like logic stopped her last time, suggesting her city had only received a few hundred thousand dollars in aid when it had really been the recipient of $70 Million and counting… or claiming that they shook you down and then praising them for months afterwards…