Obamacare Will Kill 71k+ Jersey Jobs

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Unemployment LineOr should we say 71k+ jobs “liberated”?

That’s what Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) estimates based upon last week’s Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysis, Save Jerseyans, which concluded that the United States could see 2.5 million fewer jobs by 2024 than it otherwise would’ve without Obamacare.

71,661 to be exact.

Click here to see ATR’s state-by-state breakdown. In case you were wondering, ATR arrived at its numbers by looking at Bureau of Labor Statistics tallies for each states’ respective shares of the total national job market. It’s looking to be a rough decade for New Jersey employees (and employers) considering our state’s cumulative pension woes, tax burdens, constitutionally-mandates minimum wage increases and, of course, a failed experiment in nationalizing 1/5 of the country’s economy.

Sorry. It’s a buzzkill. I know. But hey, don’t get too down. Your ‘liberation’ is at hand…

3 thoughts on “Obamacare Will Kill 71k+ Jersey Jobs

  1. False. False. False. People choosing not to work is completely different from employers eliminating positions. The CBO gas spent the last several days trying to explain this to people like you yet you can’t get past your pathological obamacare hatred. This actually is good because it gives people a choice now that insurance isn’t chained to employment znd that may free up jobs fir done unemployed person to fill that position, reducing unemployment

    Facts. I know, they’re sucks buzzkill right?

  2. @William Your inability to follow basic constructs of grammar and spelling is a MAJOR buzzkill.

  3. Considering all the people fleeing the state, I’m surprised there are that many jobs left.

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