You’re the One Who Should Resign

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Bonnie Watson Coleman
Bonnie Watson Coleman

It’s like pulling teeth trying to get the national media to pay attention to a major corruption scandal surrounding a certain U.S. Senator/renowned tweeter, Save Jerseyans, but every shred of non-news involving the Bridgegate scandal elicits a media firestorm…

…and Democrat idiocy.

“The governor needs to think about resigning, and he needs to take all of his friends with him,” said Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman on Thursday’s edition of Al Sharpton’s MSNBC program.

Even the ethically-challenged and notoriously-partisan Sharpton seemed to recognize that she had gone too far, reminding the SCI member that there was not yet ANY evidence on record linking the Governor to any wrongdoing.

Watson was unmoved.

“I’m not saying he has done anything illegal,” she continued. “I’m saying it’s unethical, and it is not worthy of New Jersey’s citizens.”

We all know why she said it: Watson is the frontrunner to replace the retiring Rush Holt in Congress, so she’s much more interested in winning over a rabidly anti-Christie Democrat primary base than attempting to maintain any appearance of objectivity.

Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick pounced.

“Assemblywoman Watson Coleman caught the MSNBC fever,” Bramnick, an amateur comedian, quipped in a responsive press release. “Her call for the governor to resign may be what MSNBC wants to hear but not the people in the State of New Jersey.”

“The most surprising part of Assemblywoman Watson Coleman’s statement is that her record has been the most progressive when it comes to giving people who make mistakes a second chance,” he continued. “Balance and fairness should be the goal of the committee. Assemblywoman Watson Coleman should withdraw her statement on resignation and wait for all the facts.”

I’ll do you one better, Mr. Assemblyman. Watson is the one who should resign from the SCI.

Her colleague on the committee Asm. Michael Patrick Carroll is proven more right with every passing day; the ONLY discernible objective of this party-imbalanced, transparently-hostile committee is impeachment. Chairman Wisniewski slipped up and raised the impeachment specter not all too long ago. Watson is giving us insight into how the Democrats plan to use Bridgegate in the 2014 cycle and beyond.

That’s her right. Scandals, however blown out of proportion, are certainly fair game for the political discourse. Folks sitting on the investigatory committee, however, should retain a posture of impartiality, the same deference we’d expect of a jury in a criminal trial.

Watson-Coleman is clearly either unwilling or incapable of it. She needs to step aside and leave the job to someone else who can.

3 thoughts on “You’re the One Who Should Resign

  1. So she’s a Democrat, and says that anything unethical is “not worthy of New Jersey’s citizens”? The stupid is strong with her, but hey, she runs for Holt’s seat – being stupid is a resume enhancer.

  2. News flash, she has resigned from the committee. She released another statement that she will be the first to defend Gov Christie’s constitutional rights, AFTER he is incarcerated.

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