I’m Tired of Writing This Post

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Fort Hood
Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas

Yesterday’s heart-wrenching newsout of Fort Hood is distressingly familiar, Save Jerseyans: another mentally-ill shooter taking advantage of a “gun free zone” resulting in innocent lives lost.

The worst part? Besides thinking of the families and what they’re going through?

We could write the script for what happened yesterday, by memory, without even knowing any of the facts. It’s going to keep happening until the anti-gun crazies in government extract their heads from their own hindquarters…

Here’s an inconvenient truth for our friends across the aisle: these incidents are never perpetrated by the Left’s stereotype of a gun-toting, NRA-donating hick a la Duck Dynasty, are they?

The shooter is always inevitably, without fail, either (1) a radicalized fledgling jihadist or (2) a mentally-ill individual. You can bet the farm on it even before the networks break from regular coverage and commence their all-too-familiar macabre feeding frenzy over every half-baked report, rumor or baseless bit of speculation from the crime scene.

In both of the aforementioned cases, like clockwork, we also learn in the hours following the shooting that scores of folks over the course of many years KNEW said shooter was nuts but, for bureaucratic or just plain lazy or stupid reasons, the future mass murder’s psychosis went unaddressed or totally unreported.

It’s happened at Fort Hood before. We saw it happen at a D.C. military facility last fall, too, and as we’ve sat back in horror and watched freaks prey on the public at movie theaters in Colorado, elementary schools in Connecticut, and everywhere else that a “gun free zone” sign is prominently displayed.

When will we learn our g-damn lesson?!

Put another less-emotionally charged way, how many more lives need to be lost before the Left’s political correctness police quit pretending that new regulations heaped upon law-abiding gun owners is a logical answer? Get serious about reforming our mental health system? Stop treating the enemies of Western Civilization with kid gloves? And admit that the Second Amendment is the solution, not an obstacle?

Perhaps when we’re all dead, victims of ideal liberal conditions? One has to wonder… all I know, Save Jerseyans, is that I’m growing very tired of writing this post.


3 thoughts on “I’m Tired of Writing This Post

  1. It is worth thinking about how most of the ideas of the anti gun people were proven wrong. The murderer bought his gun from a gun store not a gun show; he passed a background check; he did the shooting in a “gun free zone”; he used a gun with a low capacity magazine. The solution in this case is simple allow soldiers to carry handguns off duty. I don’t understand why we require off duty police to carry but ban off duty soldiers from carrying.

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