Sabrin Raps “Centipede” Obamacare

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Murray Sabrin
Murray Sabrin

Here’s another less-than swell Good Friday Obamacare update, Save Jerseyans:

The American Action Forum, a D.C.-based right-of-center think tank, is out with the results of new study showing that New Jerseyans are getting slammed by (Un)affordable Care Act mandated changes with Garden State senior citizens suffering average benefits reductions of 18.02%. We’ve already seen hundreds of thousands of fellow citizens lose coverage (thus far) and encounter major sticker shock, but the post-enrollment data is no less grizzly despite proponent’s repeated promises.

U.S. Senate hopeful Murray Sabrin, a professor at Ramapo College and one of four candidates competing for the chance to face Cory Booker this November, pounded away on the findings contained in the survey’s release.

“Couple these cuts with the war Obamacare has declared on Jersey’s middle-class kids, and you see a brutal picture that’s callous in its disregard for real people with real needs, and typically high-handed and bureaucratic in its Washington-knows-best, one-size-fits all approach,” Sabrin said. “The program was conceived in misstatements and dedicated to the proposition that the American people are too stupid to know when they’re being suckered or how to use the Internet, which is a shameful position for anyone in our government to take.”

We found out earlier this month that Obamacare had effectively deprived 1,800 families of New Jersey’s FamilyCare Advantage plan, a program designed to help middle class families earning “too much” qualify for subsidies but too little to afford ordinary pre-ACA market plans. 

“Obamacare is like a centipede because with all those legs there are plenty more shoes to drop,” Sabrin continued “Who knows what the next piece of bad news will be – who will be the next victims of Obamacare?”

It’s just the latest evidence proving that our liberal friends are for the kids until they’re not, Save Jerseyans.



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  1. Matt Rooney, are you seeing this Goldberg-Sabrin social media beef? Definitely worth an article, I think – “relentlessly positive” Goldberg has become Mr. Negative, and Sabrin is just being Sabrin.

  2. “Relentlessly positive” Goldberg is probably sick of Sabrin dogging him on Twitter ALL day. Honestly I had to unfollow him it got so annoying saying: “Goldberg can’t fire a gun so he can’t be strong on 1st Amendment.” Get a life.

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