REPORT: Wildstein Meets the Feds

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

"Wally Edge"
“Wally Edge”

Another major development? Or just more white noise?

The legal blog Main Justice reports Monday morning that David Wildstein, the artist formally known as Wally Edge now at the center of the Bridgegate scandal, “was camped at the U.S. Attorney’s office” in Newark last week with his attorney Alan Zegas.

We learned last week that the Governor’s Press Secretary Michael Drewniak had met with a federal grand jury in the capacity of a witness.

Main Justice also claims former chief counsel to the Governor, Charlie McKenna, met with investigators on the down-low back in January of this year. The Governor’s internal report recounted how he told staffers during a dramatic December 2013 meeting “to go tell O’Dowd or Charles McKenna” since, in his alleged words, “[t]he confessionals are open.” 

Is someone cutting a deal?

Maybe. We’ll know when we know.

What’s interesting to ponder is who a hypothetical Wildstein deal could net for the prosecution. Presumably they’d want someone further up the chain…

I won’t speculate right now, Save Jerseyans, but I will keep one ear to the ground.


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