Adoption Bill One Step From Law

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

nurseryA bill with the potential to disincentivize adoption in New Jersey and, in so doing, increase abortions is now only one procedural step away from becoming law, Save Jerseyans. 

The State Senate took a break from curbing our Second Amendment rights just long enough on Monday to consent to the changes demanded by Governor Chris Christie when he conditionally vetoed S-873. The legislation will permit expanded access to birth records previously only accessible by way of court order.

It’s on its way to the Governor’s desk as soon as the Assembly joins the upper house and signs off; Governor Christie has vowed to sign it. Pro-life advocates aren’t the only dissenting parties. Privacy advocates are concerned about the effect that this legislation will have on young mothers who make a tough decision only to have their past unearthed decades down the road.

Where do you come down on this one, Save Jerseyans?


31 thoughts on “Adoption Bill One Step From Law

  1. It’s a shame the governor is now supporting this. I thought he had a good head on his shoulders when he last conditionally vetoed the bill. I’m not a birth mother or an adoptee, but I planned on adopting children in the future, and would prefer to participate in a closed adoption. Perhaps they’re not as popular as they used to be, but everyone can think of a reason as to why a birth mother would not want to be contacted or hounded by her past. Either way, everyone already HAD the option for open adoption, they are just removing a CHOICE from pregnant women. Shouldn’t the pro-abortion camp be pissed about this?

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