In NJ, Carson Speculation Rises

Ben Carson (left) with state Senator Joe Pennacchio (right).
Ben Carson (left) with state Senator Joe Pennacchio (right).

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Dr. Benjamin Carson stole the show at Friday night’s annual New Jersey Right to Life banquet in New Brunswick, Save Jerseyans, in a packed Hyatt Regency ball room of activities, donors and legislators, too.

The timing couldn’t have been better for attendees; only one day prior to the event, Dr. Carson told the Weekly Standard that he’s seriously considering a 2016 presidential run.

“She just kept clinging to my hand and said, ‘You have to run. You have to run,’” Carson told veteran conservative commentator and journalist Fred Barnes. “And so many people tell me that, and so I think I’m starting to hear something.”

The renowned surgeon’s pro-life credentials are considered rock solid. Any opposition is likely to come from Second Amendment advocates after Dr. Carson declared back in March 2013 that the right to own semi-automatic weapons “depends on where you live.”

11 thoughts on “In NJ, Carson Speculation Rises

  1. Marco Rubio and Scott Walker have 0 executive experience and Chris Christie couldn’t win a general election over Jimmy Carter after bridgegate and letting the NJ budget go down the tubes.
    But good try.

  2. I’m not sure if he’d make that great of a president. He doesn’t have much political experience – but on the other hand, that might be exactly what we need.

  3. Carson may be a very talented surgeon, and have conservative political views but there is much more to being President than that.

  4. Kevin Tober, just wondering. Why negative on Scott Walker, a tremendous record of achievement, turning a deficit into a 1.6 BILLION surplus, fighting back against union demands and winning a recall by more votes I believe than he was first elected with, in a normally Democratic state….

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