Why Aren’t We Promoting This Pair?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Garry Cobb (left) and Alieta Eck (right)
Garry Cobb (left) and Alieta Eck (right)


You can tell I’m already in MDW vacation mode, Save Jerseyans, because I forgot to mention Anthony Wilkinson (R-NJ06) in this post, a prominent Central Jersey black attorney who is taking on Frank “Monkey Court” Pallone this cycle. I met him several weeks ago and he’s VERY impressive. We’ll be talking more about all three candidates in the coming months… you can bet on it…

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There’s sooo much wrong with the New Jersey Republican Party right now, Save Jersey, not the least of which is the lack of ability (or will?) to transition to promoting candidates of tomorrow as the Christie years march/stumble/slide – depending on your perspective – to an inevitable conclusion.

Giving Cory Booker a de facto pass in 2014 is disgustingly wrong enough. The latest outrage? For all of the bellyaching we typically hear from GOP leadership-types about the need for “diversity” in our ranks, they’re completely ignoring the presence of both a female medical doctor AND a black sports/media star in the Republican column running in open seat districts this cycle.

Blue districts? You bet.

But if it’s a Republican wave year, folks, Dr. Alieta Eck and former Eagle Garry Cobb could outperform expectations and grow the party in the process. Eck is a smart woman with a great story to tell and a solid start to her campaign organization notwithstanding superficially long odds. She might be able to take advantage of the aftermath of a bruising Democrat primary. Cobb’s start has been admittedly much shakier but, for what it’s worth, he probably has at least $1 million worth of built-in name recognition from his years on the professional gridiron and Delaware Valley media outlets. No small thing! Even when you’re challenging a well-oiled machine.

Shame on our state’s GOP establishment should they choose, as I suspect, to squander these opportunities in favor of… what exactly is the alternative strategy again?

Assuming there ever was a Plan B?

Oh well. Let’s do what we always do, Save Jerseyans: do the best we can to spread the word with or without their help…

Alieta Eck (R-NJ12)


Garry Cobb (R-NJ01)



49 thoughts on “Why Aren’t We Promoting This Pair?

  1. Should the tea party promote them? Then, the est. republican party will dismiss them. Stupid, isn’t it?

  2. Cobb’s name recognition is arguably better than Norcross’. He could absolutely leverage that in to a win. Plus, if there were ever a year to be an outsider against a career politician, it’s be 2014.

  3. All are the same sacrifices of the two-party illusion. Buono was sacrificed to give Christie “safety” and Lonegan was sacrificed to keep the Senate Seat “D”. I’m not going to speak about these three, but I know two of them, and the numbers aren’t there. The R’s still want your money, though, so they will continue to ask for it. Same goes for the D’s in the NW Counties. It’s not you, the rank and file voter, who caused this situation. The entrenched party leadership cut those deals long ago. Two words – “Aimee Belgard”. Cuts both ways. Lambs to the slaughter. The only way to change it is to color outside the lines.

  4. Oh, and as to “Monkey Court”…Frank just stopped himself from saying a local term that’s not very nice in public. He was going to say “like a monkey trying to *&^% a football”. You know that. Other local folks know that. Frank has better deportment than I.

  5. and, for you conservatives, OUR candidate in District Six is none other than Leonard Marshall, co-founder of the New Jersey Conservative Party – (along with Tom Bloomquist, RIP).

  6. They probably aren’t promoting Cobb because he lacks basic competency in the race. Strike 1- misses the special primary election ballot. Strike 2- Still hasn’t filed financial disclosure forms with the House of Representatives (they were due about a week ago for candidates who raised more than $5,000). Strike 3- Only raised a little over $13,000 despite the name recognition and having Gloucester and Camden County party backing. Strikes 1 & 2 actually apply to all of the Republicans.

    Not exactly things to inspire confidence from GOP leadership (or voters in general).

  7. The Republicans plan B is to keep the seats that they have, but never be in the majority. If they were in the majority then they would have to govern and that is the last thing that they want to do.There was a fund raiser for Dr. Eck in Bernardsville with Tom Kean, Jr. and Jon Bramnick as sponsors. Neither showed. Thanks for all of the support.

  8. i feel the republicans in camden county are to scared to run against the machine ,i’ve sent emails after emails to garry cobb to help with his run and got no response at all
    We all know the machine is already celebrating donalds victory and we eally need to kick them in the nuts and send clear message this election with donald norcross running and two camden county freeholders up for election now is the time to clean our house

  9. She’s “supposed to lose”…that’s the deal – just like 6….and the D’s lose in 7, 9, and 11. Artificially maintained balance.

  10. You will have an opportunity in November, not just to send a message, but to cast off the partisan handcuffs – the key presently held by Norcross and Gilmore.

    We got rid of George the Third over 200 years ago. 1 down, 2 to go.

    We’re coming for them. They know.

  11. For the record, PubliusNJ is Fred LaVergne. I’m not trying to hide behind an alias or be tricky, but I had to give a different name when logging in under another e-mail. Too much agg to keep switching logins. Sometimes I’m in WordPress working on other things, and that’s when “PUBLIUSNJ” shows up. Accept or discount what is said as you see fit – just don’t want folks thinking I’m pretending to be two people.

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