Coleman Admits Her Team is Lying

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Bonnie Watson Coleman
Bonnie Watson Coleman

Bonnie Watson Coleman isn’t the brightest bulb on the NJ Assembly Christmas tree, Save Jerseyans. Not by a long-shot. She might make it to Congress in spite of herself next January but hey, since when has high intellect been a prerequisite for high office? Exactly.

She does excel at manipulation just like the rest of her buddies on the far left of the Democrat Party. Check out this excerpt from her Mother’s Day-themed email donor solicitation for all the affirmative verification you’ll need:

“Even with all the advances that women have fought for and achieved, women are only paid about 77 cents to a man’s dollar. Some blame women’s occupation choice for the disparity, but I call it what it is – inequality.”

Let me translate that for you in the event you don’t speak politician: “I know this talking point is factually incorrect, but hey, the word ‘inequality’ polls well, so I’m going to say it anyway… and hope you’ll give me your $$$ to broadcast it on television.”

This is what the Left thinks of you, Garden State moms.

They expect you to respond to lies, memesand giddy (?) abortion YouTube videos. And don’t try to question the controlling narrative or they’ll ban your nonconformist butt from campus. Get the picture?


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  1. The real “War on Women” is the President releasing illegal alien rapists back on to US streets.

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