Liberal PAC Tries to Influence CD3 GOP Primary

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

One of the anti-MacArthur mailers hitting CD3.
One of the anti-MacArthur mailers hitting CD3.

We’re living in a brave new world.

It’s no secret that independent expenditure groups are quickly overtaking political parties as the primary organizing (or some would say “disorganizing”) forces in American politics. We saw that acutely last fall in New Jersey’s legislative elections.

You haven’t seen anything yet. Get ready for the midterms! In fact, as we speak, new TV ads and print mailers are bombarding the homes of CD3 GOP primary voters ahead of the June 3rd poll when they’ll be called upon to decide between Tom MacArthur and Steve Lonegan to replace Jon Runyan in Congress.

Not all of it is coming from the candidates themselves. Not by a long shot.

One major outside group is hitting Republican primary households with cable, online and mailer paid advertising. FEC reports show that this particular Super PAC spent around $100,000 (albeit sloppily?) in just the 10 days run-up to Memorial Day Weekend out of about $3.4 million spent by the organization nation-wide thus far in 2014.

Patriot Majority mailer attacking both CD3 GOP candidate from different angles
Patriot Majority mailer attacking both CD3 GOP candidate from different angles

Who are they?

Patriot Majority USA/PAC has a tea party-ish name and features a minuteman logo on its site, Save Jerseyans, but the Washington D.C.-based group prides itself for supporting liberal causes including “targeting billionaires like the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson” since 2006.

Past candidates who’ve received Patriot Majority backing include none other than Harry Reid, the man whom national Republicans hope will be U.S. Senate minority leader come January. The folks behind the PAC, past and present, boast an extensive history of launching savage attacks against GOP candidates and maintaining close ties to high-flying Obama World political circles.

Needless to say they’re not interested in helping Republicans do anything other than disappear.

The truly ironic part?

Besides the fact that they’re liberals messaging to the conservative base?

While some of the ads targeting GOP primary voters attack Lonegan for being ‘too extreme’ for CD3, the majority of the ads are aimed at MacArthur, suggesting that while the group wants to bloody up both potential GOP contenders, they would either (1) prefer to have Tea Party-affiliated candidate Steve Lonegan on the ballot in November or (2) having internalized the polls showing MacArthur leading, they’d rather try to help make the contest as painful as possible down the stretch by beating down the front runner.

Keep in mind: this is coming from a group that makes no bones about wanting to beat Republicans by campaigning against the Tea Party…


I’m not telling you HOW to vote on Tuesday June 3rd, Save Jerseyans. You know by now that that’s not my style.

I do, however, want you to remain vigilant and conscious concerning who is trying to influence or manipulate your vote. There’s a lot of crap out there. Think before consuming! Do your due diligence by going to the candidates’ events, reading a diverse array of materials and, of course, taking your daily dose of Save Jersey. 

Do not permit a liberal Super PAC to decide our primary. Under any circumstances.


27 thoughts on “Liberal PAC Tries to Influence CD3 GOP Primary

  1. Just in case you needed more evidence that Steve Lonegan is the preferred candidate of Democrats everywhere

  2. Tom MacArthur, a/k/a Conservative Christ, is the victim of liberal Steve Lonegan’s underhanded techniques. But the Baron of Baldness will still triumph over Loseagain, because he’s just that awesome. Together with Brian “Makes Reagan Look Like a Liberal” Goldberg, our Conservative NJ Dream Team will come together and obliterate their competition, in the form of communists like Jeff Bell and Steve Lonegan.
    So vote for shortness. Vote for decent speechmaking. Vote for vague answers on issue questions. Vote for the Connoisseurs of Cool, the Dukes of Democracy, the Ragin’ Republicans, Tom MacArthur and Brian Goldberg.

  3. Nice to see Michael Patrick Carroll and Mike Doherty backing the liberal-preferred candidate.

  4. Steve Lonegan received more votes than Corey Booker in CD3 when he ran against him for the Senate last year.

  5. lol you keep beating that dead horse Elaine, no one outside of the cult gives it any credence

  6. Right on, Carl. I mean, he only beat the Democratic Rock Star who hobnobs with the Hollywood elite and has all kinds of big money behind him. There’s no way he has a chance over a Norcross puppet who worships Nancy Pelosi. Now, this MacMuffin guy (that’s his name, right?) who has no record and doesn’t speak without getting the OK from Masters Gilmore & Layton … he’s got a way better shot of winning.

  7. And in totally unsurprising news, liberal Tom MacArthur received the endorsement of the most liberal newspaper in Pennsylvania!

    The newspaper praised liberal MacArthur’s willingness to “compromise” and applauded the fact that MacArthur “acknowledges that government has a role to play in health care,” (Obamacare). (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/27/2014)

    The newspaper believes that compromise by conservatives is a good thing. The piece went on to criticize Steve Lonegan for his “uncompromising conservatism” and “government-is-the-problem ideology.”

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