Immigration Madness: Both Sides Stuck On Stupid

By Joe Schilp | Joe’s Blog

illegal immigrationThe lead sentence in a New York Times report on July 25, 2014,states:  “The vast majority of unaccompanied migrant children arriving in the United States from Central America this year have been released to relatives in states with large, established Central American populations.”

If you read just that sentence, the Times makes it seem as though almost all of these kids – who the Times refuses to call illegal, or even “undocumented” – are simply coming to be reunited with their family and that this is exactly what is happening, but this report is extremely deceiving.  For one, the Times is reporting on information released by Team Obama’s Office of Refugee Resettlement, which, if you continue to read the times article, admits that the “numbers do not include those children who are sent to long-term shelters.”

That’s right, Team Obama’s numbers do not include all kids who’ve crossed the border illegally, only those that are not in long-term shelters.  It’s like saying that unemployment is near 100% by failing to including those workers that are unemployed in your figures.  Instead of calling the White House to task for such ridiculous information, the Times proudly serves as Obama’s mouthpiece, promoting, through the article’s headline and opening paragraph, that these kids are simply being reunited with family when that’s clearly not the case.

But there’s one other thing that our government failed to report and that the Times failed to further investigate: are these kids being released to relatives that are here legally, or not?

This morning, I happened to catch an interview on News 12, New Jersey, in which Jorge Rod, Publisher at Latinos Unidos De Nueva, stated that he knew of two families here in New Jersey that have taken in illegal alien children but won’t come forward because these families are also here illegally  (New Jersey has taken in over 1,500 of these kids already).

We have been told repeatedly that our government simply cannot deport illegals because we cannot locate them and because it would be too expensive to transport them back to Central America; yet, this same government is locating illegals and is spending millions to fly these kids all over the country to put them in homes with those illegals whom our government has located.

What’s more, Team Obama is considering a plan to process illegals in Honduras and fly them to America so that they don’t have to cross Mexico to get here illegally.  So Obama can afford to fly illegals into the United States, but not out.

This is absolute madness, particularly since we should be spending money to send these illegals back home, rather than bringing them here.  Further, we have veterans literally dying because the VA is ill-equipped to care for them, but we can spend money flying illegal immigrants all over America.

And to make matters worse, instead of condemning this president, Washington Republicans are actually considering caving on amnesty for illegal aliens – essentially encouraging more illegal immigration – when this issue could clearly help the GOP gain a Senate majority this November.  And with Obama’s approval rating down to 39%, Democrats could probably pick-up or retain seats if they oppose illegal immigration. 

It’s as if both parties are stuck on stupid.  Clearly, they do not represent most Americans, who welcome legal immigration but oppose the humanitarian disaster at our border and the illegal immigration of people from anywhere in the world.


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Joe Schilp
Joe Schilp
A husband, father and Piscataway resident, Joe Schilp joined the Rutgers University Exercise Science and Sport Studies Department as adjunct faculty member in 2010 after 20 years in the sports and event presentation industry.

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  1. John Dorn via Facebook | July 26, 2014 at 12:27 pm |

    Republicans are just as guilty. If Texas was so concerned they would have built a wall years ago! A wall would have been cheaper to build than taking in all of the illegals! It’s all bullshit!

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