Cobb: LBJ “Destroyed” Black Families

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

It’s a true and awful shame that Garry Cobb isn’t getting more (defined as “any”) help from the powers-that-be, Save Jerseyans, because the former Philadelphia Eagle and current NJ-01 Republican nominee has a story to tell voters whom the GOP just can’t seem to reach. When they even try. Some candidates were just born on the wrong side of the North Jersey/South Jersey ‘Berlin Wall’ if you catch my drift.

In any event, what he shared during a recent segment with Newsmax TV is along the lines of what I said last week following Willingboro’s bizarre decision to honor Barack Obama at JFK’s expense but, for a host of patently obvious reasons, it’s more important to hear this message from an upstanding, successful and famous guy like Garry:


1 thought on “Cobb: LBJ “Destroyed” Black Families

  1. I’ve been saying the same thing all along. The so called “Great Society” is responsible for destroying minority families and keeping them dependent on the government! Unfortunately, it will be very difficult to reverse the damage! Instead of both sides pointing fingers we need a plan to turn things around! Sadly it is unlikely to happen……….

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