Update: Obama Loses His Building in Willingboro

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Obama and KidsIf Barack Obama can’t buy a vowel (or a building) in Willingboro, New Jersey, Save Jerseyans, then it’s time to hang it up.  Game over. The lamest of all lame ducks.

But that’s where he’s at today. After causing a national stir by moving to change its town center’s name from JFK to Obama, Willingboro’s council did an about-face on Tuesday night and rescinded its early August decision to rename the Kennedy Center.

Click here to read full coverage form the Burlington County Times.

1 thought on “Update: Obama Loses His Building in Willingboro

  1. As an alumni of this school I cannot express how happy I am. A fellow alumni spearheaded a petition and had over 1200 signatures opposing the name change. Hundreds showed up at the township meeting last night. Willingboro Twp. Was gracious in acknowledging it had made a mistake. An example of what can be accomplished in a democracy when done the right way.

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