Christie to NAACP: “Sinners” in Both Parties

Christie to NAACP: “Sinners” in Both Parties

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Governor Chris Christie’s Saturday NAACP talk hit on familiar themes, Save Jerseyans, ones which he’s expected to carry into his presidential campaign with the expectation of echoing (repeating might be too big of a climb) the electoral breadth of his 2013 Garden State victory. “I don’t think second chances are just the domain of Democrats or Republicans,” Christie told the membership luncheon attendees gathered at the Hilton Parsippany. “Because from my perspective, we have sinners and wrongdoers aplenty in both parties.”

Here’s the full speech (it runs a little over half an hour):

6 thoughts on “Christie to NAACP: “Sinners” in Both Parties

  1. This is exactly what this jerk did at his “Town Hall” meeting in Paterson last year. He talked about how wonderful Democrats like Steve Sweeney were, and how he (Christie) was different from all those other bad and intolerant Republicans, and was really as decent as a Democrat. And then the jerk is surprised when Republicans don’t pick up any seats in the Legislature. And so Republican Christie “had no choice” but to implement a Democrat agenda, and re-appoint Democrat judges.

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