Meet Ray Lesniak: Clinton Ally Charged with Operation Pig-gate

Meet Ray Lesniak: Clinton Ally Charged with Operation Pig-gate

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Regular Save Jersey readers know who is Ray Lesniak is but, owing to Governor Christie’s presidential ambitions, a lot of folks are tuning into this site (and the Jersey-centric issues we cover) for the first time. Like the vetoed pig gestation crate ban bill.

The relevant background:


That’s Ray. He’s a Democrat state senator with 36-years of Trenton time under his belt representing New Jersey’s 20th Legislative District (the Union/Elizabeth area). Senator Lesniak is no Christiecrat and never was, not even during the heights of the Guv’s popularity; he’s an old school activist liberal who was a primary legislative force behind New Jersey’s gay marriage legalization push and capital punishment ban. And he HATES Chris Christie (as illustrated above), beating the Bridgegate drum as loud as anyone (while his firm hypocritically profited from port authority lawsuits) and making a habit of bashing the Big Guy on Twitter with strongly-worded barbs.

Did I mention that he’s also a long-time Clinton ally? And it’s not just a casual acquaintance; here he is playing golf with Slick Willy back in 2001 (h/t NJBiz):


Lesniak served as New Jersey Chair for Clinton/Gore and Gore/Lieberman, respectively, and in 2011, he openly suggested that Hillary Clinton replace Joe Biden on the presidential ticket. He shortly thereafter begged her not to leave the State Department:

Unsurprisingly, as I pointed out yesterday, he is already cheerleading for a Clinton 2016 candidacy:  

My point?

Senator Lesniak is free to be a Clinton sycophant if that’s what he wants, but given the numerous documented connections between the notoriously vicious Team Hillary and the Bridgegate legislative investigation, it strains credibility that his obsession with the pig crate gestation issue is anything other than an old fashioned political hit job motivated by his pro-Clinton orientation.

Again: pig gestation crating isn’t practiced in New Jersey. They put a bill up twice (this one and back around 18 months ago) to ban something we don’t even have here!

Did I mention that Lesniak was the sponsor?

Ah-ha! Right? This has NOTHING to do with animal cruelty. At all.

Chris Christie didn’t cherry pick an issue to show-off to Iowa voters even if that’s how the media is reporting it. Trenton Democrats, led by Lesniak, shopped for a legislative opportunity to make him look bad (and help the likely 2016 Dem nominee, Hilldawg) by beating up on a possible tough challenger to a 3rd Clinton term with a non-issue.

Now you know. Spread the word…

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