Chicagoland vs. Christie World

Chicagoland vs. Christie World

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Chicago signNo one from the Clinton camp made Chris Christie’s subordinates close the G.W. Bridge’s Fort Lee lanes, Save Jerseyans.

There is mounting evidence that they’re doing everything within their power (which is considerable, by the way) to pile on and make the New Jersey Governor politically radioactive ahead of 2016. She’s unambiguously the one with the most to benefit. And from all outward appearances, the full might of the Obama Democrat establishment is lining up behind Miss Inevitable…

Exhibit A: Jenner & Block. That’s the Chicago-based law firm retained by New Jersey Democrats to provide counsel for the joint legislative special investigatory committee into the Bridgegate affair. It’s a lawyer’s billing dream (we’re waiting to find out how dreamy). As it turns out, Jenner & Block’s Democrat ties go a whole heck of a lot deeper than today’s headlines…

The Chicago firm earned $760,000 representing Democrats in 2001 and again in 2011 during legislative redistricting. Jenner & Block attorneys also contributed thousands of dollars to top Democrat groups and individuals over the years including $157,494 to President Obama’s campaign and another $103,710 to the Democrat National Committee (DNC). The DNC, in case you somehow missed it, has already sunk loads of cash into paid media scourging Christie over Bridgegate.

Keep all of this in mind the next time MSNBC demands Kevin O’Toole’s exclusion from the SCI! And it certainly puts the rhetoric and behavior of the SCI committee chairman John Wisniewski in context considering his known desire for the 2017 gubernatorial nomination and the help that a grateful President (Hillary) Clinton could provide…

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  1. the idiot nj dems should worry about digging us out of the hole their corrupt actions have created. “any threat to hillary Must be stopped, however.

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