Christie Takes 26-Point Polling Hit

Quinnipiac Poll: Bridgegate Takes Toll On Christie’s Presidential Poll Numbers

By Art Gallagher |

hillary-clinton-and-chris-christieThe Bridgegate controversy has had a significant negative effect on national voters opinions of Governor Chris Christie as a potential president, according to a Quinnipiac University Poll released today.

The governor’s net favorable ratings have taken a 26 point hit since the December 11, 2013 Q Poll. Today, American voters have a favorable opinion of Christie by 33%-30% with 34% reserving judgement.  In December, 47% had a favorable opinion of Christie, 23% unfavorable and 28% said they hadn’t heard enough.

With 65% support from Democratic voters, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has no significant competition for the 2016 Democratic nomination for president.

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27 thoughts on “Christie Takes 26-Point Polling Hit

  1. I would vote for Idi Amin for President before I would waste a vote on Hillary Clinton, she has shown time and again what a liar and manipulator she is.

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