Christie Acts On Dozens Bills

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Christie at desk signing budgetOn the first day of his second term, Save Jerseyans, Governor Christie signed a host of leftover bills form the prior legislative session. Others were “pocket vetoes by the Guv, meaning they were left alone and, as a result, expired today.

Christie supplied veto messages for only two: S-2658, also called the “Common Interest Community Manager Licensing Act,” and A-3691, a bill requiring school buildings to be equipped with emergency “silent alarms” linked to local law enforcement.


SCS for S-71wGR/ACS for A-2037 (Codey, Singer/Watson Coleman) – Establishes “New Jersey Yellow Dot Program” in MVC

S-124/A-4593 (Rice/Oliver, Wimberly) – Prohibits certain advertising on real property and related structures without prior permission of owner

S-374/A-4526 (Beach, Allen, Sarlo/Lampitt, Casagrande) – Exempts from sales tax cosmetic makeup services provided in conjunction with reconstructive breast surgery; designated as “Jen’s Law”

S-780/A-2352 (Weinberg, Cardinale/Johnson, Schaer, Eustace, Sumter) – Establishes registry of certain cemeteries that accept Work First New Jersey and SSI allowance for burial expenses

SCS for S-782wGR (Weinberg, Cunningham) – “New Jersey Hospital  Disclosure and Public Resource Protection Act”

S-792/A-2022 (Weinberg/Singleton, Benson, Johnson, Lampitt, Quijano, Vainieri Huttle) – Requires insurers to cover breast evaluations and other additional medically necessary testing under certain circumstances and requires certain mammogram reports to contain information on breast density

S-854/A-1740 (Vitale, Prieto, McKeon, Vainieri Huttle, Coughlin) – Regulates certain service contracts to perform maintenance, repair, replacement, or service of property used for personal, family, or household purposes

S-855/A-3316 (Vitale/Wisniewski) – Authorizes State Treasurer to sell as surplus certain land and improvements now art of East Jersey Prison to Woodbridge Township in Middlesex County for a restricted use

S-1127/A-3791 (Greenstein, Whelan/Diegnan, Eustace, Wimberly) – Permits a board of education to adopt a salary policy of up to five years

S-1171/A-2601 (Weinberg/Vainieri Huttle, Stender, Quijano, Sumter) – Prohibits genital mutilation of females under 18 years of age

S-1441/A-2362 (Weinberg, Cardinale/Johnson) – Requires cemetery companies to file annual financial report

S-1479/A-2114 (Sacco, Greenstein/Munoz, Webber, Wimberly, Jimenez) – Upgrades crime of soliciting or recruiting for criminal street gang while on school property

S-1888wGR/A-2938 (Codey, Allen/Jasey, Caputo, O’Donnell) – Requires emergency shelters for the homeless to admit persons with mental illness unless they pose danger

S-1889wGR/A-2937 (Codey, Stack/Jasey, Caputo, O’Donnell, Vainieri Huttle) – Prohibits emergency shelters for the homeless from refusing to provide services for minimum time frame unless shelters are at maximum capacity

S-1907/ACS for A-4105 (A.R. Bucco, Van Drew/Mainor, Bramnick, DeCroce, Benson, Rumana) – Establishes criminal penalties for killing, injuring or interfering with a service animal or guide dog; designated as “Dusty’s Law”

S-2018/A-3851 (Stack, Lesniak/Coughlin, Eustace, Quijano, Vainieri Huttle, Giblin) – Authorizes award of attorney’s fees and expenses in landlord-tenant actions under certain circumstances

 S-2271/A-3460 (Whelan/Riley, Ramos, Coughlin) – Clarifies that a single State college may enter into a joint purchasing agreement with other contracting units

S-2362/A-4524 (Turner/Mainor) – Requires DOLWD to compile consumer report cards for eligible training providers

S-2367/A-4415 (Codey, Beach/Eustace, Jasey, Caride, Wimberly) – “Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act”; provides student-athletes, parents, and coaches with information on sudden cardiac arrest and establishes protocol concerning removal-from-play for athletes exhibiting symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest

S-2442/A-3605 (Van Drew, Ruiz, Allen/Albano, Dancer, Diegnan, Jasey, Andrzejczak) – Requires certain public school students to be screened for dyslexia and other reading disabilities

S-2448/A-3766 (Turner, T. Kean/Watson Coleman, Munoz, DeCroce, Riley, Benson) – “Higher Education Epinephrine Emergency Treatment Act”

S-2580/A-3789 (Pennacchio, A.R. Bucco, T. Kean, Oroho/Webber, Oliver, Bramnick, A.M. Bucco, Carroll, Rumana) – Designates State Highway Route 53 as “Alex DeCroce Memorial Highway”

S-2609/A-3197 (Cardinale, Scutari/Rible, Burzichelli) – Concerns interest rate chargeable by licensed pawnbrokers on certain transactions

S-2636/A-3886 (Greenstein, Sweeney, O’Toole/DeAngelo, Benson, Bramnick) – Revises certain provisions of Megan’s Law and imposes monthly penalty on sex offenders to fund their monitoring and supervision by the parole board

S-2660/A-4030 (Sweeney/Singleton, Sumter) – Expands membership of Credit Union Advisory Council; requires at least two members to be members of federally chartered credit unions and at least four members to be members of State chartered credit unions

S-2747/A-4170 (Gordon, Scutari/Stender, Giblin, Diegnan, Rible, Riley, Rumana) – Prohibits PANYNJ from imposing cargo facility charge in certain instances

S-2843/A-4280 (Weinberg, Addiego/Lampitt, DeCroce, Mosquera, Casagrande) – “Autumn Joy Stillbirth Research and Dignity Act”; requires DOH to establish protocols for stillbirths, establishes stillbirth research database

S-2945/A-4545 (Vitale/Riley) – Increases from six to eight the number of governors of the Board of Governors of Rutgers, The State University needed to constitute a quorum

S-2980/A-4485 (Sacco/Prieto, Jimenez) – Permits certain officials to possess pepper spray in quantity carried by law enforcement officers

S-2995/A-4486 (Weinberg, Madden/Lampitt, Johnson, Wimberly, Sumter) – Prohibits discrimination based on pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions

S-2996/A-4527 (Whelan, Greenstein/Sumter, Watson Coleman) – Concerns eligibility for certain leave and benefit programs

S-2998/A-3741 (Gill/Conaway, Eustace) – Requires certification of persons installing medical gas piping in dental offices, dental clinics, and animal or veterinary facilities

S-3027/A-4500 (Vitale, Madden/Cryan, Munoz, Rible) – Provides for development and implementation of State trauma system

S-3082/A-4546 (Sacco, Pennacchio, Cunningham/Prieto, Mainor, Jimenez, Vainieri Huttle) – “Angelie’s Law”; regulates the operation of certain autobuses

S-3087/A-4528 (Madden, Addiego/Egan) – Concerns employee leasing companies and unemployment compensation

S-3088/A-4509 (O’Toole, Gill/Schaer) – Extends time in which DOBI may waive limit of liability exposure for mortgage guaranty insurance companies

S-3127/A-4589 (Sweeney/Greenwald, Riley) – Revises the authorities of the Rowan University-Rutgers Camden Board of Governors and authorizes Rowan University to participate in public-private partnerships

SS for SJR-24/AJR-39 (Codey/McKeon, Lampitt, Vainieri Huttle, Wimberly) – Designates February of each year as “Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month” in New Jersey

 SJR-74/AJR-100 (Weinberg/Singleton, Chivukula) – Designates June of each year as “Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Awareness Month”

A-266/SCS for S-507 (Schroeder, O’Donnell, Russo, Giblin/A.R. Bucco, Beck) – Requires, for roof mounted solar photovoltaic systems, identifying emblem on certain structures, and fire department notification for all structures

AS for ACS for A-321wGR/S-2910 (Dancer, Singleton, Benson, Giblin, Mosquera/Sweeney) – Establishes study of technology for the tracking of domestic violence offenders; designated as “Lisa’s Law”

A-354/S-3028 (Gusciora, Barnes, Caride/Sacco) – Requires all lamps and lighting devices on motor vehicles be kept in working order

A-735/S-1438 (Eustace/Ruiz, Allen) – Permits a child who moves out of a school district due to a family crisis to remain enrolled in that district until the end of the school year

A-753/S-2145 (Barnes, Riley, Quijano, Burzichelli/Oroho, Pou) – Modifies certain CATV company filing requirements with BPU and CATV company subscriber notice requirements concerning rates, charges, or services

A-1110/SCS for S-2840 (Fuentes, Quijano, Lampitt, Chivukula/Allen, Madden) – Affords emergency services peer counselors confidentiality privileges

A-1144/S-2731 (Lampitt/Whelan, Beach) – Requires building materials dealer to provide uniquely identified delivery ticket to consumer

A-1165/S-1160 (Lampitt, Wilson/Weinberg) – Revises the period of time required for a State college faculty member to receive tenure

A-1273wGR/S-2640 (Coughlin, O’Donnell/Beck) – Requires SHBP and joint insurance funds to provide certain information to participating public employers

A-1521/S-2555 (Burzichelli, Rumana, Quijano, Caputo, Ramos/Van Drew, Oroho) – Modifies process for contested case hearings by OAL with regard to telephone and video conferences, delegation of final decision authority, oral decisions, checklist decisions, electronic filings, and settlements

A-1844 (Diegnan) –  Makes discretionary driver’s license suspension for first offense of driving without motor vehicle liability insurance

A-1898/S-1075 (Albano, Vainieri Huttle, Andrzejczak, Sumter, Riley/Van Drew, Sarlo) – Extends burial of indigent veterans to those who did not serve in time of war; clarifies role of DMVA in identifying deceased veterans; provides additional funding, subject to availability, for burial of indigent veterans

ACS for A-2011/SCS for S1560 (Singleton, Benson, Wilson, Fuentes, Quijano, Wisniewski/Whelan, Beach) – “New Jersey Homeless Veterans Grant Program Act;” establishes New Jersey Homeless Veterans Grant Program and allows voluntary contributions on gross income tax returns to support homeless veterans

A-2042/S-958 (Albano, Benson, Tucker, DeAngelo/Van Drew, Beach) – Allows municipalities to provide veterans free or reduced cost access to beaches

A-2105/S-895 (Coughlin, Quijano, DiMaio, Riley, Moriarty, Bramnick/Vitale) – Clarifies that criminal impersonation committed by any means, including electronic communications or Internet website, shall be subject to criminal penalties

A-2128/S-2209 (Burzichelli, Dancer, Riley/Weinberg, Greenstein) – Permits certain former mayors to solemnize marriage and civil union ceremonies

A-2201/S-2155 (Chivukula/Weinberg) – Authorizes certified celebrants to solemnize marriages and civil unions

A-2614/S-1175 (Lampitt/Weinberg, Madden) – Provides for voluntary contributions by taxpayers on gross income tax returns for New Jersey chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

A-2873/S-1944 (Ramos, Benson, Caputo, Burzichelli/Greenstein) – Removes statutory reference to 9-1-1 Commission which was renamed Statewide Public Safety Communications Commission

A-2899/S-1152 (Mosquera, Benson, Singleton/Weinberg, Stack) – Directs the Division on Women to conduct an audit of the coordination of community responses to domestic violence

A-2940/S-2058 (Burzichelli, Moriarty, Eustace, Benson, S. Kean/Van Drew) – Requires certain purchasers of precious metals and jewelry to maintain certain record; grandfathers certain municipal ordinances regarding sales of used and secondhand jewelry

A-2978/S-2051 (Albano, Burzichelli, Riley, Dancer/Whelan) – Requires Department of Agriculture to publish on its website information concerning wineries and community supported agriculture entitles in NJ

A-3019/S-2561 (Wilson, Lampitt, Caride/Ruiz, Cunningham) – Authorizes public schools to serve to students certain produce grown in community garden

A-3039wGR/S-2033 (Conaway, Lampitt, Benson, Jimenez/Whelan) – Establishes NJ Task Force on Lupus Education and Awareness in DOH

A-3058/S-2210 (Ramos/Madden) – Requires Department of State to post on its website notice of days, weeks, and months designated by State law as special commemorations

A-3059wGR/S-2108 (Wisniewski/Gordon) – Requires Department of Transportation to update and maintain certain information on its website

A-3067/S-2603 (Singleton, Barnes/Whelan, Addiego) – Concerns various authorities, boards, commissions, councils, divisions, and task forces

A-3251/S-2567 (Ramos, O’Scanlon, Jimenez/Vitale, Singer) – Permits pharmacists to administer influenza vaccines to children seven years of age or older

A-3254/S-2309 (Coughlin, Johnson, Wimberly/Vitale, Buono) – Permits municipal court to order certain offenders to perform community service in lieu of payment of penalty

A-3270wGR/S-2413 (Riley, Mainor, Giblin/Beach, Ruiz) – Requires Commissioners of Education and Labor and Workforce Development to study and report on departments’ efforts in providing students with information on employment in high-demand industries

A-3292/S-2886 (Fuentes, Diegnan, Vainieri Huttle, Conaway, Moriarty/Beach, Ruiz) – Requires school districts to provide instruction on responsible use of social media for middle school students as part of the Core Curriculum Content Standards in Technology

A-3319/S-2412 (Burzichelli, Ramos, Egan, Stender, Rumana/Beach, Oroho) – Prohibits State departments and agencies from charging a fee to an applicant solely to correct clerical errors on any application form

A-3321/S-2507 (Burzichelli, Ramos, Egan, Stender, Wisniewski, Rumana/Whelan, Addiego) – Amends “Administrative Procedure Act” to require State agencies to use various electronic technologies in rule-making procedures

A-3360/S-2254 (Tucker, Wilson/Beach, Allen) – Creates Veterans Haven North Council; renames current Veterans Haven Council to Veterans Haven South Council

A-3362/S-2256 (Schepisi, Vainieri Huttle, Eustace, Ciattarelli/Gordon, Cardinale) – Exempts certain properties acquired by municipalities from county, school, and fire district taxes immediately upon acquisition

A-3398/S-3089 (Vainieri Huttle, Handlin, Schaer, Wimberly, Webber/Gordon) – Allows nonpublic schools to participate in joint purchasing agreements entered into by two or more school districts

 A-3422/S-2308 (Benson, Caride, Fuentes, Gusciora, Moriarty/Greenstein, Beck) – Prohibits certain energy suppliers from making false and misleading claims to potential customers; prohibits suppliers’ calls to customers where no business relationship exists

A-3427/S-2544 (Tucker, Singleton, Eustace, Lampitt, Greenwald, Webber, Wisniewski/Beach, Greenstein) – Provides for temporary professional or occupational licensure for qualified nonresident military spouses

A-3445wGR/S-1804 (Quijano, Cryan, Vainieri Huttle/Van Drew) – Permits pet owners to board public transportation with domesticated animals during emergency evacuation

A-3489 wGR/S-2540 (Dancer, Burzichelli, Caputo/Sweeney, Gordon) – Allows monies statutorily dedicated to standardbred or thoroughbred horse racing purses to be used for benefit of horse racing industry, subject to agreement between permitholder and representative horsemen’s organization

A-3558/S-2606 (Benson, Chivukula, Lampitt, Eustace/Codey, Madden) – Provides for licensure of pediatric respite care facilities

A-3620/S-2826 (Diegnan, Tucker, Webber/Norcross, Beach) – Requires disposition of remains of active duty service member of Armed Forces of United States pursuant to Department of Defense form completed by service member

ACS for A-3624, 3525/S-2643 (Eustace, Amodeo, C.A. Brown/Gordon) – Provides that participation by New Jersey residents in contests of skill does not constitute unlawful gambling

A-3692/SCS for S-2513, 2522 (Burzichelli, Eustace, Albano, Barnes, Quijano/Norcross, Weinberg, T. Kean) – Expands notification when an offender is released from custody or transferred within the criminal justice system

A-3764/S-3052 (Dancer, Chivukula/Van Drew) – Permits counties and municipalities to use snow removal reserve funds for clearance of debris following declaration of emergency by President or Governor

A-3785/S-2469 (Quijano, Mainor, Eustace, Wimberly/Norcross, Sacco) – Creates crime of cyber-harassment

A-3804/S-2864 (Wimberly, Mainor, Amodeo, Johnson/Rice) – Authorizes creation of special Omega Psi Phi license plate

ACS for A-3812/SCS for S-2626, 2838 (DeAngelo, Space, Fuentes, McHose, Benson, Sumter/Madden, Sarlo, Cunningham, Van Drew) – Requires transfer of certain records to DOLWD and DHS

A-3978/S-2832 (Lampitt, Casagrande, Vainieri Huttle/Madden, Oroho) – Requires hospitals and birthing facilities to provide new mothers with information about pertussis vaccines for adults

A-4023/S-2556 (Burzichelli, Rumana/Sarlo, Oroho) – Modifies rights of judgment creditor of limited liability company member; makes certain technical corrections to the “Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act”

A-4072/S-3078 (Sumter, Tucker, Andrzejczak, Jimenez/Beach) – Establishes pilot program in DOE to recruit, select, and train veterans for school security positions in schools districts

A-4159/S-3097 (Chivukula/Rice) – Requires BPU to regulate rates and terms and conditions of service of alternate operator telephone service providers to protect users of those services

A-4189/S-2741 (Egan, DiMaio, Jimenez/A.R. Bucco, Cunningham) – Modifies short-time unemployment benefit law

A-4232wGR /SCS for S-2844 (Fuentes, Singleton/Norcross) – Creates pilot program to allow certain county utilities authorities to fund certain local infrastructure

A-4300/S-2877 (Diegnan, Singleton, Sumter/Ruiz, Van Drew) – Extends the timeline for performing certain budget-related tasks in school districts that have moved the annual school election to November

A-4339wGR/S-2918 (Riley, Mosquera, Lampitt, Benson/Madden, Bateman) – Establishes “Mom2Mom Peer Support Program” telephone helpline

A-4536/S-3096 (Prieto/Cunningham, Stack) – Changes certain eligibility and benefit provisions of Employees’ Retirement System of Jersey City

AS for A-4543/SCS for S-3075 (Spencer, Schepisi, Smith, Bateman/Whelan, Beck) – Authorizes extension of time for completion of remedial investigation of certain contaminated sites prior to DEP undertaking direct oversight

A-4590/S-3128 (Wilson/Norcross) – Authorizes certain municipalities to impose parking surcharges

AJR-27 (Chivukula, Vainieri Huttle, Benson) – Designates November 15 of each year as “Patient Advocate Day”

AJR-95/SJR-69 (Albano, Andrzejczak, Vainieri Huttle, Giblin, Munoz/Van Drew, Stack) -Designates January 21 of each year as “Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Awareness Day”


S-64/A-2574 (Codey, Oroho/Vainieri Huttle, Caride, Jasey, Wimberly, Eustace) – Establishes measures to deter steroid use among students

S-134/A-2527 (Rice, Turner/Caputo, Giblin, Tucker, Watson Coleman, Wimberly) -Establishes the Office of Dropout Prevention and Reengagement of Out-of-School Youth in DOE, and the Student Dropout Prevention Task Force

S-162/ACS for A-1269, 4507 (Singer, Vitale/Greenwald, Coughlin, Prieto, Riley, Lampitt, Casagrande, Wimberly, Conaway) – Provides loan redemption for certain physicians who work in State four years

SCS for S-436/A-468 (Sacco, Sarlo/Jimenez, Prieto) – Expands DNA database to include samples from disorderly persons who are fingerprinted and permits law enforcement officers to collect certain biological samples

S-831/A-2852 (Smith, Scutari/McKeon, Spencer, Conaway, Giblin) – Establishes notification, signage, and monitoring requirements related to combined sewer overflows

S-1209/A-3336 (Whelan/Chivukula, Amodeo) – Permits NJ boat manufacturers to qualify for EDA loans for renewable energy technology, equipment, or systems

S-1226/A-1260 (Vitale, Weinberg/Coughlin, Sumter) – Regulates teen nights by requiring security provided by police officers, prohibiting persons under age 15 from attending, and disqualifying registered sex offenders from employment

S-1598/A-1097 (Weinberg, Vitale/Quijano, Wimberly, Munoz, Jasey) – Permits attending advanced practice nurse to determine cause of death and execute death certification of patient if nurse is patient’s primary caregiver

S-1682/A-1336 (Beach/Greenwald, DeAngelo) – Permits registered voters to receive mail-in ballots automatically for all elections under certain conditions

 CC SCS for S-2143/ACS for A-3177 (Gordon, Norcross/Wisniewski, Singleton, Stender, Caride) –  Establishes State Transportation Infrastructure Bank and Energy Bank within New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust

S-2241/A-3409 (Weinberg, Vitale, Singer/Schaer, Johnson, Riley, Eustace, Vainieri Huttle) – Prohibits Medicaid managed care organizations from reducing certain provider reimbursement rates without approval from DHS

 S-2318/A-3390 (Vitale, Addiego/O’Donnell, Coughlin) – Requires newborn infant screening for tongue tie

S-2393/A-3596 (Weinberg/Johnson, Schaer) – Excludes certain conveyances of graves, crypts and niches from 15% fee charged by cemetery company

S-2602/A-3893 (Smith/Spencer, Rudder) – Repeals law providing CAFRA permit exemption for certain grading or excavation of dune

S-2702/A-4073 (Sacco, Scutari/Benson, Prieto, Caride, Quijano) – Sets forth certain standards to be followed by law enforcement agencies and fire departments when utilizing drones

S-2976/A-4394 (B. Smith, Bateman/Wisniewski, Amodeo) – Provides standards for, and requires registration of, home elevation contractors

S-3055/A-4517 (Scutari, Bateman/Stender) – Authorizes AOC to assess, collect, and pay service charges and costs of electronic payment of fees and other obligations owed courts; prohibits defendants from using debit cards for bail and penalty payments for certain crimes

S-3058/A-4494 (Van Drew, Scutari/Diegnan, Giblin, Stender) – Permits real estate licensees to prepare broker price opinions and comparative market analyses

S-3110/A-2415 (Scutari/Gusciora, Vainieri Huttle) – Establishes an industrial hemp license

A-329/S-368 (Dancer, Conaway, Caride/Beach, Singer) – Authorizes prescribed burning in certain circumstances

A-765/S-1220 (Barnes, Quijano, Gusciora, Eustace/Vitale, Scutari) – Requires registered qualifying patient’s authorized use of medical

A-1214/S-1623 (Stender, Conaway, Webber, Benson, Quijano/Whelan, Weinberg) – Establishes pilot program to utilize value-based benefit design in SHBP to increase health benefits coverage for certain employees concerning chronic health conditions

A-1230/S-521 (Moriarty, Diegnan/Norcross) – Requires printers to display average cost per 1,000 printed pages and ink cartridges to display yield

 A-1389/S-532 (Wilson, Ramos, Burzichelli/Norcross) – Provides for uniform basic structure of taxicab fares in certain municipalities

A-1516/S-1945 (Burzichelli, DeAngelo, Moriarty, Benson/Greenstein) – Regulates mailed manufacturer’s rebates

A-1570/S-2273 (Wisniewski, Green, Jasey/Norcross) – Requires fire suppression systems in new single and two family homes

A-1588/S-2081 (Benson, Riley, Ramos/Singer, Greenstein) – Requires DCA to establish procedures for inspection and abatement of mold hazards in residential buildings and school facilities, certification programs for mold inspectors and mold hazard abatement workers

 A-2172/S-1464  (Conaway, Singleton, Giblin/Vitale) – Requires certain health care facilities to offer, and health care workers to receive, annual influenza vaccination

A-2658/S-2578 (Prieto, Rible, Conaway, Sumter/Van Drew) – “Common Interest Community Manager Licensing Act”

A-2888/SCS for S-2733 (Chivukula, McKeon, Eustace/Smith, Greenstein, Whelan, Bateman, Beck) – Creates Office of Clean Energy in BPU

A-3061/S-2576 (Prieto, Amodeo/Whelan) – Exempts certain persons from HVACR licensing requirement; clarifies definition of heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration

A-3103/SCS for S-2732 (Ramos, Spencer, Gusciora, DeAngelo, Benson/Gordon, Greenstein) – Provides for priority consideration, by DCA, DEP, DOT, and municipalities, of permit applications for green building projects

ACS for A-3289/S-2710 (Fuentes, Jimenez, Burzichelli, Mosquera, Sumter/Ruiz, Norcross) – “The New Jersey Social Innovation Act”; establishes social innovation loan pilot program and study commission within EDA

 A-3303/SCS for S-2220 (Singleton, Conaway, Burzichelli/Allen, Turner) – Prohibits animal cruelty violators from owning domestic companion animals and from working at animal-related enterprise; designated as “Moose’s Law”

AS for A-3323, 3324/S-2499 (Ramos, Burzichelli, Wimberly, O’Scanlon, C.A. Brown, Amodeo/Whelan, Addiego) – Requires each State agency to review permits issued by the agency and make necessary changes to expedite and facilitate permitting

A-3359/SCS for S-2604, 3009 (Singleton, Riley, Lampitt, Moriarty/Norcross, Whelan, Oroho) – Concerns registration of contractors and sets criteria for responsible bidders in public work

  A-3559/S-2418 (Benson, Vainieri Huttle, Jasey, Wimberly/Greenstein) – Requires training program for school bus drivers and aides on interacting with students with special needs

  A-3686/S-2527 (Stender, Benson, Coughlin, Chivukula, Jimenez/Scutari, Lesniak) – Permits two or more candidates for school board member to circulate petitions jointly and be bracketed together on ballot for same term

A-3691/S-3098 (Caputo, Diegnan, Ramos, Spencer, Tucker, Quijano, Vainieri Huttle/Rice, Ruiz) – Requires school buildings to be equipped with emergency light and panic alarm linked to local law enforcement

A-3694/S-3131 (Greenwald, Moriarty, Chivukula/Sweeney) – Grants immunity from liability for certain professional services rendered during emergencies under certain circumstances

A-3783/S-3086 (Stender, Diegnan, Eustace/Sarlo, Oroho) – Concerns disclosure and reimbursement procedures of board of education and municipal employee health care benefit contract

A-3898/S-2632 (Ramos, Spencer, Eustace, Vainieri Huttle, Sumter/Smith, Greenstein) – Authorizes municipalities to finance water conservation, storm shelter construction, and flood and hurricane resistance projects

A-4193/S-2860 (Moriarty, Mainor, Fuentes, Mosquera, Lampitt/Norcross, Turner) – Requires certain police vehicles to be equipped with cameras

A-4508/S-3083 (Schaer/Scutari) – Modifies certain fees charged by, and requirements imposed on, check casher licensees


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