Christie Spikes Politically-Motivated Pig Gestation Crate Ban Bill

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

PigPrepare yourself for loud and shrill oinking noises from his detractors on the Left, Save Jerseyans.

Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a controversial pig crate ban bill on Black Friday afternoon, his second such veto of efforts to formally ban gestation crate use in the pork industry, dismissing the basis of the legislation’s advocates as “divergent and unsettled,” and re-declaring his intention to “rely on our in-state experts rather than the partisan politicians who sponsor this bill.”

Click here for the veto message.

Jon Stewart and others on his side of the ideological spectrum have decried Christie’s lack of support for the legislation as driven by his desire to court votes in the key presidential battleground state of Iowa where, unlike New Jersey, the use of gestation crates is prevalent.

My response: so what? It doesn’t make the bill any less relevant to what we do in New Jersey. Right? The Guv say it’s a problem in search of a solution. Where the Garden State is concerned I’m inclined to agree. It’s kind of like banning pineapple harvesting in New Jersey. Meaningless…

And politically motivated! Stewart & Co. actually have it backwards. It’s the Dems who are playing 2016 politics here, not CJC, trying to force Gov. Christie into an icky veto situation over a bill which… in case you didn’t read anything above… has ZERO actual application in New Jersey

The bill’s prime sponsor was Ray Lesniak, a major Clinton in-state ally

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