Politico: Christie not resigning to run

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

FYI – “The governor is telling people that he is not going to resign.” That’s what Chris Christie’s political strategist Mike DuHaime allegedly told POLITICO in a recent interview.

A lively debate over potential fundraising restrictions on a sitting New Jersey Governor seeking federal office plagued Christie both in 2012 and today, on what’s widely considered to be the eve of a presidential campaign launch. What’s more, competing proposals are being debated in the state legislature: to (1) allow a governor to remain in charge when travelling out of state or (2) strengthen the lieutenant governor.

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4 thoughts on “Politico: Christie not resigning to run

  1. He should stay where he is and run for a third term. Rather a quasi-RINO who is doing his best than another Dem – which, let’s face it, is what we’re looking at no matter who gets nominated (NJ’s farm team is a ton of benchwarming knuckleheads who like things the way they are instead of how they should be).

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