Looking to 2015 (and Beyond?), Bramnick Announces Statewide GOP Event

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Screenshot from njrepublicans2015.com
Screenshot from http://njrepublicans2015.com

You likely haven’t visited njrepublicans2015.com yet, Save Jerseyans, or maybe even heard about it, but it’s the portal for a statewide Republican Party function, hosted by Assembly Republican Victory (ARV), at the Borgota Hotel Casino in Atlantic City. 

Details? Mostly TBD.

Here’s what we know: the event scheduled for February 2nd is being billed as a day-long mini-convention of sorts “[w]ith live music, meet-and-greets, and interactive presentations and events,” for $25 per attendee and promising that “[t]his is an event Republicans won’t want to miss.”

Moreover, the choice of venue is appropriate given the centrality of the coming LD2 battle – and Atlantic City’s fate generally – to the 2015 legislative election cycle.

Layer #3? The energetic and ambitious Assembly GOP Leader, Jon Bramnick, is a contender for the gubernatorial nomination and, as evidenced by this event, continues to outwork his potential rivals. There’s a number of reasons for it but it’s the truth. Getting a few hundred (or more?) committee members and primary voters in one place is clearly beneficial for a man looking to replace Chris Christie if/when/however he leaves us.

Stay tuned…

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