Hypothetical Head-to-Head: Bramnick or Guadagno?

Photo credit: Rhoda Chodosh
Photo credit: Rhoda Chodosh

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Just curious, Save Jerseyans: I’d like to see what you’re thinking regarding the 2017 gubernatorial pre-primary (’cause it’s most certainly already underway)… here are two of the most commonly-reoccurring names on anyone’s shortlist…

Hypothetical Head-to-Head: Bramnick v. Guadagno

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4 thoughts on “Hypothetical Head-to-Head: Bramnick or Guadagno?

  1. Sigh. I’m having trouble dealing with the permutations of the Presidential race first 🙁

  2. Both self proclaimed pro “choice,” so I’d do a write in if they were the only ones in the ballot.

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