Jeb Announces Exploratory Committee

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Updated – It’s official, Save Jerseyans:

The New Jersey angle: this announcement is arguably a major complication for Gov. Chris Christie who (promised his own presidential announcement sometime in 2015) since Jeb would compete directly for the establishment/mega-donor base that’s been good to the New Jersey Governor but nevertheless harbors some concern over the loose ends of Bridgegate. Christie-booster Ken Langone isn’t worried; he recently declared that Christie could beat Bush in a head-to-head contest.

At the moment, however, Jeb leads the GOP 2016 RCP average by 4.5-points over Christie who’s in second place. A new poll from our state’s own Patrick Murray over at Monmouth University found Christie and Jeb running close among Republicans but with Jeb edging the New Jerseyan in the critical favorability category among self-identified tea partiers:

“Overall, Chris Christie gets a favorable rating from 36% of GOP voters and an unfavorable rating from a similar 34%. He does better among those who are not aligned with the Tea Party – 41% favorable to 27% unfavorable, but is viewed negatively by Tea Party supporters – 27% favorable to 46% unfavorable. Christie is the only candidate tested in the poll with an “upside down” rating among Tea Party-aligned Republicans.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is another high-profile contender who gets mixed ratings from Republican voters – 39% favorable to 30% unfavorable. Tea Party supporters are evenly divided on Bush – 39% positive to 38% negative, while those unaligned with the Tea Party give him a more positive 39% favorable to 24% unfavorable rating.”

Tuesday’s move can only be seen as an attempt to box our other potential establishment-preferred challengers (Christie, Romney); a Bush candidacy also likely precludes a run by conservative U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), a Bush ally.”

If Christie forges ahead and they both run? Wow… great for political bloggers! And Gov. Christie has a network of his own, and a reputation for taking on uphill climbs (going back to when he tried to primary Michael Patrick Carroll in ’95). But I think the odds of Christie 2016 just got a little bit longer today. Not over. Just longer…

21 thoughts on “Jeb Announces Exploratory Committee

  1. Tobe PAC will not endorse Jeb Bush! He is the worst possible candidate for the GOP to put up against Hillary. She will talk about how good the economy was under her husband and Jeb will be forced to defend his brother’s economic record.

  2. I think people are overlooking John Kasich. Guy has a strong record in Ohio as a congressman and now governor.

  3. Christie will never be elected. He is not electable. Too many skeletons.

  4. If they both end up running Jeb certainly has the edge within the establishment but Christie is probably one of the only candidates that could challenge that…

  5. Let us not forget that the GOP establishment won like 96% of the primaries in this year.

  6. 2 million Conservatives stayed home when Mccain ran. 4 million Conservatives stayed home when Romney ran. I predict a sunami of people to stay home home if it is Jeb Bush.

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