NBC: 6+ Bridgegate Indictments Possible in January

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Newark's old federal courthouse
Newark’s old federal courthouse

Are things about to get real in the Bridgegate scandal even as Governor himself appears vindicated, Save Jerseyans, especially after the Schar report’s release?

That’s what NBC News is reporting on Friday afternoon.

Those facing potential indictment include former staffers to Gov. Christie and current and former Port Authority officials, the sources said,” reported veteran newsman Brian Thompson, claiming multiple sources pointing to at least six federal indictments in the pipeline. “Possible charges may be related to what sources familiar with the probe describe to NBC 4 New York as an apparent conspiracy to cover up what they refer to as a politically motivated plot.”

A major disclaimer: NBC’s record of Bridgegate breaking news reporting is less-than-stellar.

Back in September of this year, NBC clarified that “SO FAR found no grounds for charges — no involvement of the Governor himself” has been discovered by the U.S. Attorney after reporting, erroneously, that Governor Christie no longer faced any threat of federal charges stemming from the lane closure scandal.

We’ll see. What’s clear: even if the Governor is in the clear (which doesn’t surprise us one bit), he certainly doesn’t want 6+ former close associates doing the perp walk on national television right as he’s launching a presidential campaign…

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  1. More stuff they can lay on Christie up through the primaries under the heading of “why didn’t he know.”

  2. Two stories above on newsfeed states no evidence Christie knew anything…..by the APP, nonetheless.

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