Turn Down For What? Defiant Christie Back in Cowboys Box

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

My Eagles are officially out of the playoffs (and the Giants were never even close), Save Jerseyans, and it’s largely because Chris Christie’s Dallas Cowboys are cruising. Disgustingly so. Maybe he’s the lucky charm?

Blowback be damned, he was unapologetically back in the box with Jerry Jones (and conservative business pizza mogul Papa John) on Sunday, rocking the same red sweater and looking much like a kid on Christmas morning:

7 thoughts on “Turn Down For What? Defiant Christie Back in Cowboys Box

  1. @Chris Eliminate the ambiguity by letting me purchase a Kelly green alternative for you this Christmas. Would be more festive, too.

  2. @Fernando I thought we were friends? Why are you trying to break my spirit and destroy Christmas?

  3. Why the hell should Chris Christie apologize for anything? So what if he was in Jerry Jones box? He owes NOTHING to the two teams that PLAY in New Jersey, TRAIN in New Jersey, OFFICES are in New Jersey, PLAYERS live in New Jersey and Woody made his millions in New Jersey and owns ESTATES in New Jersey , BUT STILL CALL THEMSELVES NEW YORK !!!!!!!!! Case Closed ! Get over it, just looking for more BS to lay on Christie. FYI, how come there is no major investigations about all the Bridge and Tunnel gates for all the traffic tie-ups that the protesters caused? ENOUGH already. You are stuck with Christie for a little longer just like we are stuck with Obama 2?more years.

  4. .

    Good… good… keep up that political tone-deafness. It will serve us well as you divide up the Establishment vote between Jeb and Mitt…

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