Poof! Cory Booker disappears from Newark history…

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

This Monday NJ.com post caught my eye, Save Jerseyans, for patently obvious reasons: “Newark failed to charge millions in mandated health benefit costs

Cory Booker (D-Twitter)Typical, right? The city government that’s been a financial albatross for New Jersey taxpayers is now doubly screwing us over, by not only soaking up state aid but also through failing to pay the bill for its public employee work force.

But the absolute best part about this particular story?

It looks like questions were raised beginning in 2012, but you won’t find the name “CORY BOOKER” (D-Twitter) mentioned once in the NJ.com report.

Last I check, Cory Booker was Mayor of Newark from July 2006 through most of 2013 (he wasn’t sworn into the U.S. Senate until Halloween of that year). The buck stops with his office for under-collecting mandated contribution from the city’s approximately 3,000 employees. The estimated cost to taxpayers? In excess of $7.2 million.

If one of Chris Christie’s staffers farts three states away, you can be sure that Governor Chris Christie’s name will be plastered all over the resulting front page article.

Newark’s former mayor oversees rampant crime, naked corruption AND now, apparently, a massive taxpayer scam? And not one honorable mention? It’s a disappearing act worth of 1984’s Ministry of Truth!

And guess what: saving this state is hopeless, folks, until the media gets its collective ass in gear.


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  1. Gov 2 1/2 Cent Christie potentially screwed NJ taxpayers out over 8 and a half Billion and not even a whiff or a whisper!! Amazing disconnect and disengenuity!

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