Justifiable fury directed at Linden’s DUI Cop (and the bureaucracy that tolerated him)

By Scott St. Clair | The Save Jersey Blog

White-hot fury, livid anger, and bitter disgust are appropriate responses to the news exposing Linden police officer Pedro Abad’s latest alleged DUI disgrace, this time resulting in two fatalities and a critical injury.

Police CruiserGiven his wretched record, Save Jerseyans, the obvious questions are (1) why wasn’t he already in prison, and (2) why hadn’t the Linden Police Department fired him long ago?

A cop with a DUI on his record should be fired. A cop with two on his record should be sent to prison until he’s an old man. But a third drunken driving charge, this time where he allegedly killed two people and maimed a third one? 

Why fear criminals when serial-offender cops like Abad outdo them in the murder and mayhem department?

Blasé, near-indifferent bureaucratic comments from Linden police officials circulated by the media – e.g. “if there’s any lesson to be learned” – necessitate that they also be fired for tolerating a disgrace like Abad and not drumming it into the heads of their officers that behavior even remotely close to his is intolerable, dangerous, and a gross violation of public trust.

Or would a zero-tolerance policy ensnare their off-duty shenanigans, too? 

Anger and fury at Abad and disgust for the good-old-boy, blue-line police network is boiling over. Legislators: are you listening?

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