Menendez, Lance cite Chesimard in disapproving of Obama’s Cuba sell-out

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

POTUS’s decision to remove Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism is a giant middle finger to the entire Garden State, Save Jerseyans, and that point of view isn’t partisan.

A Cuban highway billboard.
A Cuban highway billboard.

“Cuba still provides sanctuary to Joanne Chesimard, who remains on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorism List for the murder of New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster, it recently was caught sending arms to North Korea in the single largest violation of United Nations Security Council sanctions, and also received a shipment from a Chinese arms manufacturer that was seemingly headed for Colombia’s terrorist organization FARC,” Senator Bob Menendez said in a statement. “Yet today Cuba was somehow delisted from this dishonorable list of State Sponsors of Terrorism. To this day, we have not seen one substantial step toward transparent democratic elections, improved human rights, freedom of assembly, or the ability to form independent political parties and trade unions on the island.”

One of New Jersey’s strongest Republican voices on the topic remains Rep. Leonard Lance (R, NJ-07).

“The Obama Administration needlessly has given away serious leverage in ensuring Cuba reengages in world affairs with respect for justice and the rule of law,” he added. “We in Congress will continue to use our powers to do what the Administration will not – make the restoration of diplomatic relations contingent on tangible Cuban concessions, including justice for Trooper Werner.”


9 thoughts on “Menendez, Lance cite Chesimard in disapproving of Obama’s Cuba sell-out

  1. US Cuba policy for the past 55 years has accomplished nothing. Catro’s wont be around mcuh longer and I would suggest we have a better chance of getting Chesimard back than we did prior to Obama’s new approach.

  2. I disagree. We have accomplished keeping their economy in the garbage which retards their ability to harm us financially or militarily. Obama probably wants to give them aid!

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