Angelini adds voice to Chesimard extradition coalition; Dems remain silent

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

A New Jersey cop killer is living free in Cuba, Save Jerseyans. 

Governor Christie wants Joanne Chesimard returned. Three Republican congressmen are demanding action.

chesimardPresident Obama? He’s prepared to take Cuba off the State Sponsors of Terrorism List.

Outrage is spreading… but New Jersey Democrats are clamming up. “I disagree with President Obama’s decision to restore full diplomatic relations with Cuba and am disappointed that the U.S. State Department is moving towards a decision to recommend the removal of Cuba from the State Sponsors Terrorism List,” said Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini, a Republican from Monmouth County. “Cuba continues to harbor dozens of American fugitives, including Chesimard, who was sentenced to life in prison, but two years later escaped and was granted asylum by Cuba’s former leader Fidel Castro. She needs to be extradited to the United States.”

Angelini is the sponsor of AR-198, a formal expression of disapproval of the President’s decision to restore full diplomatic relations Cuba while the status of Chesimard, who murdered a N.J. State police trooper in 1973, remains off the table.

Thus far, the only Democrat to demand Chesimard’s return is under indictment.

“As the wife of a retired police officer, I firmly believe that anyone who kills a police officer should be brought to justice and Joanne Chesimard should be in a New Jersey prison,” concluded Angelini.

Feel free to speak up any time now, Dems! You do still represent New Jersey, right? Not Barack Obama’s continuing legacy-building committee.

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  1. Look we all want her back in NJ to face justice but its been 43 years and past policy has not accomplished that or much of anything else for that matter….Castro brothers wont be running the show in Cuba forever and I’d suggest that there is a better chance of getting her back to NJ in the future by trying the Presidents approach.

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