Christie dumps on Trump during diner stop interview

Christie dumps on Trump during diner stop interview

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

I’m not sure that the no nonsense-looking waitress watching his conversation with John Harwood agreed, Save Jerseyans, but Chris Christie‘s message from New Hampshire was loud and clear this morning: Donald Trump wouldn’t make a good nominee… or president. In his opinion.

“The math doesn’t support Donald’s position,” Christie said at Lindy’s Diner in Keene, New Hampshire, referring to Trump’s border wall-centric immigration position. The New Jerseyans is an immigration moderate/centrist/whatever, recently spiking driver’s licences for illegals but after having signed into law a New Jersey DREAM Act.

“It’s not just about growth. You still have to deal with the facts,” he continued.

Christie also took issue with the applicability of the Donald’s business skills to the job of a successful nominee:

Not everyone agrees. At the moment, Trump leads Christie by 20-points in the Granite State.

The Donald, for his part, didn’t respond directly but issued a general reaction to GOP critics earlier Wednesday via Twitter not long after the Christie interview aired:

Both men are expected to be included in next week’s prime time Fox News debate… so we’ve got that to look forward to…


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  1. Christie can say all he wants about Trump but he is still the favorite in the polls so far and considering Christie’s dismal record in NJ I am not surprised. Voters in New Hampshire be smart vote for anyone other than Christie.

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