Cory Booker’s tweets are laughable in the #DefundPP context

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Cory Booker (D-Twitter) is infamous for his light-and-fluffy tweet stream, Save Jerseyans. Hope, happiness, light, etc. and so on are among his favorite themes. It could give you a toothache in high doses. Lately, he’s been working overtime to promote LGBT rights.

What’s laughable about it all?

He’s a major beneficiary of Planned Parenthood’s largess, which we now know doesn’t only profit from killing kids but also harvesting their body parts. So Cory loves to promote the cause of human dignity unless the humans at risk are murdered, dismembered and sold children ’cause their leading butcher (Planned Parenthood) helps keep him and his buddies in office.

Imagine if his tweets were 100% honest… here are a few imaginative examples:

booker tweet 3

booker tweet 4

booker tweet 5

booker tweet 2


booker tweet 6


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