POLL: Which 2017 Democrat gubernatorial hopeful would suck the least?

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

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The Democrat race to succeed Chris Christie isn’t much less intense than national party’s presidential primary right now, Save Jerseyans. Just in the last week, Steve Sweeney earned a “that-a-boy” for his pension prattle from the NJEA, newcomer Phil Murphy launched a Super PAC and Steven Fulop scrapped with a potential GOP rival.

We won’t be supporting any of them, of course. Staying in overtaxed New Jersey is a sufficiently masochist act for one lifetime. No need to compound it by peeing in the punch and voting for a liberal. 

But given the realities facing the opposition in our Democrat-dominated electorate, and the unpopularity of the incumbent Republican administration, we thought it would be both fun and substantively worthwhile to pick your brains… which Dem would suck the least?

Which 2017 Democrat gubernatorial hopeful would suck the least?

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  1. If you are still living in New Jersey when that sad day comes to pass, then you deserve what’s coming.

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