Schepisi takes to Facebook for contrast with Garrett

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

It could be nothing, Save Jerseyans, but when Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi took to Facebook in the hours after Rep. Scott Garrett came under fire for alleged derogatory comments about gay Republican candidates, one couldn’t help but take note of the timing.

schepisi“As a Republican assemblywoman representing a fiscally conservative yet socially moderate district in New Jersey, I believe it incumbent for our party’s future success to focus on inclusion, not exclusion,” Schepisi explained to her Facebook followers. “I support equal treatment of all people, regardless of race, gender, sexuality or religion. What gives me hope for our party is that I recently spent several days with Republican leaders from a wide swath of states who share the same belief. We must build our tent by proactively embracing people, not shutting them out. Religious beliefs do not preclude basic human kindness and acceptance of those who may not share the same beliefs. As a Catholic, I share Pope Francis’ message that we should focus on ‘open doors’ to welcome all.”

For what it’s worth, Schepisi isn’t being ideologically inconsistent here, having previously declared her intention to vote to override Chris Christie’s 2013 gay marriage veto. Yet just about every single other NJ GOP’er hasn’t said peep about this issue today despite loud catcalls from the usual rogue’s gallery of Trenton Democrats to condemn Garrett. 

Mischievous if not exactly malicious? Schepisi, who recently underwent successful brain surgery, is also known to be interested in higher office AND, for what it’s worth, is a resident of River Vale inside Garrett’s own 5th Congressional District. I’m not going to use the “P” word. Just sayin’… keep your head on a swivel. This is politics and everyone is always looking at everything.


11 thoughts on “Schepisi takes to Facebook for contrast with Garrett

  1. Holly for Congress! She’d get 65-70% every two years and we could stop worrying about propping up Reverend Garrett every two years.

  2. Another RINO just like Chris Christie. Garrett has nothing to fear from Schepisi or any other RINO. The only ones who have to fear are closet RINO liberals like Len Lance and Tom MacMillions who will get beat in next year’s GOP primary by Dave Larsen and Steve Lonegan. Along with Scott Garrett, Lonegan and Larsen will sweep their districts along with Ted Cruz at the top of the ticket. NO MORE RINOS!!

  3. The serious question voters ask is why elect Republicans if the only time you hear them is when they side with Democrats on anything controversial? There is a reason her kind is a dying breed. The only reason they even exist at all in New Jersey is the antiquated “line” system that lets the same crowd of “moderates” control nominations in safe Republican districts. That Leonard Lance barely won his primary over an undefunded opponent with all these advantages speaks volumes.

  4. The primary had the desired effect on Lance it neutered him and with very few exceptions made him a Garrett and Hensarling clone and not the mensch I knew in the state senate

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