Does Walker’s lack of a degree matter to you?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Chris Christie campaigns with Scott Walker in 2012.
Chris Christie campaigns with Scott Walker in 2012.

Take it from a guy with a law degree, Save Jerseyans: some of the dumbest people in my personal and professional universe also happen to have the most diplomas hanging on their office walls.

Can I get an amen? That being said, the last U.S. president to not obtain a college degree was Harry S. Truman.

I’m curious… does it matter to you that Scott Walker (R-WI), an extremely accomplished governor and the GOP presidential sweepstakes’s latest contestant to join the fray, never completed his higher education? Or is it a complete non-issue in making your decision?


Does Scott Walker’s lack of a college degree impact your decision? free polls


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40 thoughts on “Does Walker’s lack of a degree matter to you?

  1. Not one single bit. All degree does is just show at one point in time you knew something and were able to pass tests. If a person sat around and did nothing to expand or keep their knowledge after getting their degree – then it is meaningless. Real world knowledge is FAR more vaulable in the long run than any degree. A degree is just good for the first few years you obtained it – after that it just becomes a piece of paper.

  2. NO. Not at all. We have had our fill of lawyers screwing up everything they touch. Let’s get some real sense in the presidency. I have several degrees and having to live my life over, knowing what I know today, I’d pass on all but one. Walker has a proven track record. let’s go with that.

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