OPINION: Tom Moran’s Garrett commentary crossed a line

By Scott St. Clair | The Save Jersey Blog

I thought The Star-Ledger didn’t print ad hominem personal attacks, yet Sunday’s nasty hit piece against Rep. Scott Garrett, R-NJ, by Tom Moran certainly qualifies.

Disagree with him on policy – fine. But wishing violence upon him as he did in his John Wayne dream paragraph – “I want someone to grab Garrett by his collar and belt and give him a big heave” – is an incitement to criminal harm.

Scott Garrett
Scott Garrett

Perhaps anger management classes, Mr. Moran – or Journalism 101 where they teach civility?

His column presumes that anyone who holds a position advanced by Rep. Garrett – energy development and independence, the Second Amendment, pro-life for unborn children, opposition to wasteful government spending and traditional values – is a hateful bigot not a principled individual. This condemns half the country to “a big heave.”

Hogwash! Because Tom Moran believes something doesn’t make it de rigueur for everyone. There’s no such thing as editorial-page-editor infallibility.

Speaking of John Wayne, he was an anti-establishment defender of traditional American values. If there’s anyone he would refuse to suffer and to whom he would give “a big heave” it would be pious bad-guy humbug, Tom Moran, tossed out into a dusty Western street with his hubris and his hat.  


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  1. Good job Mr. St. Clair. The “Duke,” a true patriot, would have no time for Mr. Moran and his rant! Keep standing for the values that have kept this country strong, Rep. Garrett! This native of Bergenfield, applauds you, sir!

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