Cumberland County demands driver’s licenses for illegals

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Liberal lunacy in once again on the march in South Jersey’s second bluest county, Save Jerseyans.

licenseAccording to a published report, the Cumberland County Board of Chosen Freeholders has passed a resolution calling on Trenton to adopt A-4425 and S-2925, companion bills designed to permit undocumented illegal aliens to obtain New Jersey driver’s licenses.

South Jersey’s Hispanic population is large, reaching approximately 17% of LD1’s population (which encompasses most of Cumberland County) as of 2010. So this is cynical, identity politics-pandering at its worst, folks.

A similar resolution was passed by Bridgeton’s council back in April (which is in the LD3 portion of Cumberland FYI). The good news? Gov. Chris Christie flatly refused to entertain the idea after being asked about it only a couple of weeks later. So we’re in the clear… for now…


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  1. Require only Permanent resident I’d card with date of entry at least 5 years. with proof of paid income tax 1 year deduction on pay stubs ! No under the table jobs they will get on social programs nj familycare we pay illegal parents kids with citizenship only not parents till date if entry 5 years .

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