LD1 GOP promotes online petition to fight Cumberland’s push for illegal immigrant driver’s licenses

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

If Republicans Sam Fiocchi and Jim Sauro aren’t successful this year in LD1, Save Jerseyans, it won’t be for lack of taking on the tough, “big” issues.

Specifically illegal immigration.

On Tuesday, the pair launched a petition urging the Cumberland County Board of Chosen Freeholders to repeal Resolution #2015-408. We previously reported here how the Democrat-dominated board recently passed this resolution calling on Trenton to adopt legislation designed to permit illegal aliens to obtain New Jersey driver’s licenses.

Fiocchi (a former Cumberland freeholder) and Sauro (an incumbent on the board) believe licenses for illegals would only incentivize more illegal immigration in South Jersey.

The LD1 GOP Assembly ticket: Fiocchi (left) and Sauro (right)
The LD1 GOP Assembly ticket: Fiocchi (left) and Sauro (right)

“I have good friends on that Freeholder Board, but they are dead wrong on this issue,” said Fiocchi in a statement. “Giving legal driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants makes no sense.  I am urging residents of Cumberland County – and good people throughout South Jersey – to attend the next Cumberland County Freeholder meeting and urge the Board to repeal this resolution.  It sends a terrible message.”

The next freeholder meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 22, 2015 at 6pm at the Cumberland County Administration Building located at 164 West Broad Street, Bridgeton, NJ.  In the interim, you can click here to sign the petition.

“We won’t fix the immigration mess in this country by rewarding illegal behavior,” added Sauro, who was the only Cumberland freeholder to cast a vote in opposition to the resolution. “This will only incentivize more undocumented workers to pour over our borders in violation of our laws.  Passing this resolution effectively puts up a ‘Welcome’ sign for illegal immigrants in Cumberland County.”

The pair also pointed out how their incumbent opponent, Assemblyman Bob Andrzejczak, hasn’t said peep on the subject after being the ONLY Assembly member to abstain on the N.J. Dream Act in December 2013.

“Assemblyman Andrzejczak failed to oppose final passage of in-state tuition for illegal immigrants when he had the chance,” added Sauro.  “That was another piece of legislation that incentivized people to break the law and our Assemblyman refused to push back on it.”


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