Eight of New Jersey’s top ten “best places to live” have Republican mayors

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Save Jersey‘s conservative contributors have never shied away from criticizing Republicans when they deserve it, without out a doubt, but by the same token, I’ve always been a big believer that “party does matter” 99 times out of 100 especially at the local level. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak, which is why we spend so much time highlighting local Republican officials’ successes here at the blog.

WyckoffHere’s a little more proof for the hard heads out there in our audience: New Jersey Monthly is about to release its 2015 “100 best places to live” in the state list, and out of the top ten which have been released, eight of those towns are governed by a Republican mayor…

(1) Florham Park (Morris) – Mark Taylor (R)

(2) Harding Twp. (Morris) – Nicolas Platt (R)

(3) Lavallette (Ocean) – Walter LaCicero (R)

(4) Pequannock (Morris) – Catherine Winterfield (R)

(5) Avon-by-the-Sea (Monmouth) – Robert Mahon (I)

(6) Wyckoff (Bergen) – Kevin Rooney (R)

(7) Roseland (Essex) – John Duthie (R)

(8) Madison (Morris) – Robert Conley (D)

(9) Mendham Twp. (Morris) – Chris Baumann (R)

(10) Saddle River (Bergen) – Sam Raia (R)

Just sayin’, folks.

I’ll break down the full 100-town list by party ID when it’s released… if I’m feeling ambitious that day…


43 thoughts on “Eight of New Jersey’s top ten “best places to live” have Republican mayors

  1. Nothing new. I think towns that are consistently R tend to be better while when they are consistently D they are worse. This is common knowledge. The ones that go back and forth a lot are fairly neutral or can swing with the party in control.

  2. Don’t know if the small town of Haddon Heights will make the list. Have lived there over 55 years and the town always seem to do better under our Republican mayors.

  3. Mayor Matthew Anesh is probably THE best GOP mayor in the COUNTRY. He and his council have done some amazing things in the Borough of South Plainfield. New businesses keep opening up all around town. They have worked tirelessly to keep our taxes affordable while keeping all our services intact. We are, I believe, one of the best places to live in the state and NJ’s best kept secret. Great place to raise a family, lots to do for the kids and a safe place to be.

  4. How ’bout R controlled councils in Borough forms of government…Oakland achieved AAA rating this year after 8 years of R control.

  5. I told you I would hook all you republicans up. I never had the interests of NJ in my heart. All I ever wanted to do was steal from the state and redistribute it to us. Long Live the Public Money!

  6. Dear Matt Rooney,
    Please change your name as it is too close to mine for my liking.
    Thank you,

  7. Are you kidding me? South Plainfield is a toxic dump. Hope ExxonMobil’s $1.43 is going to help you from growing a third eye.

  8. She deserves something, but I don’t think it is a shout out.
    A padded cell might be a start.

  9. North Jersey, of course. Because everyone cares for one another and looks out for each other there. NOT.

  10. How can that be?? What is wrong with the people in Penns Grove? Have they not been informed of all the good that can be had there just by going to the dark side??

  11. This is Too Much Information. I think he would be a bit embarrassed knowing you are talking about his toilet habits.

  12. I think you meant AA. They’ve been drinking and partying on the taxpayers dime for 8 years.

  13. well, my taxes stay stable under our Republicans, as to my town services….Dems get in….taxes jump and services decline. “Seems” to happen every time. BTW, your “Blue” is showing! Thanks for “seeming” to be one of those who has helped bring NJ down to a welfare state.

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