Two months later, Parsippany Super PAC details still emerging

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

It’s the age of the super PAC, Save Jerseyans.

parsippany super pac mailerMost of the focus this cycle will be on the legislative-focused entity interfering in South Jersey’s 1st and 2nd districts, but back in the spring, it was a Democrat-affiliated PAC playing in Morris County’s open Republican primaries that raised eyebrows and even earned an unusual direct condemnation from New Jersey’s Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) Executive Director Jeff Brindle.

The major problem, as identified by Brindle in his well-reasoned op-ed, is the lack of transparency. How can we intelligently decided between candidates when we don’t know who is backing them up?

The best news source in this saga has been Parsippany Focus; they’re out this week with a new piece of the puzzle catalyzed by the fact that America’s Future First (AFF) reportedly still hasn’t filed 2015 quarterly reports…

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