Christie fills vacant Greenwich Township Committee seats

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

greenwich township

The saga of Greenwich Township, New Jersey is over for now, Save Jerseyans, after Governor Chris Christie was forced to take the unusual step of directly appointing three committee members in the Warren County community.

Here are the lucky appointees:

  • William A. Spencer 
  • Robert M. Barsony 
  • Honorable William D. Kanyuck 

You can get the gist of what happened here. Bottom line? A DUI-catalyzed resignation and haggling over the replacement process resulted in additional resignations until finally, on September 30th, the 5-seat committee no longer had a majority and had consequently lost its ability to conduct business. Only Mayor Jim Adams and Deputy Mayor Elaine Emiliani remained and they reportedly hate each other. Go figure. Needless to say, the state needed to step in.

The Christie Administration subsequently solicited applications and acted within the 30-day window allowed by law.

Yes, it’s a rare problem, but rare doesn’t mean never. Governor Christie face a similar challenge back in August 2014 in Oxford Township, also in Warren County, when the entire committee was vacant.


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