Make all your zones trouble free; it only takes a sign on the door!

Make all your zones trouble free; it only takes a sign on the door!

By Scott St. Clair | The Save Jersey Blog

With the tremendous success of posted gun-free zones again demonstrated by last week’s Umpqua Community College shooting, Save Jerseyans, it’s time we extend the logic of that liberal thinking to other tragedies like fires, diseases, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters and economic troubles.

Let’s take fires and then extrapolate the thinking to all the rest. When you take steps to prevent or fight them, you only invite them. So, remove all fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, smoke alarms and other fire-prevention devices and procedures from all public buildings and facilities. Then, post signs declaring them to be “Fire-Free Zones.”

Fire extinguishers with eliminate text - 10-2-15Voila! Under liberal and progressive logic, you’re guaranteed to be fire-free for all time and eternity. Just like the bend and snap, it works every time!

All it takes is a sign on the door to make it so. Think of the accompanying bliss if you put up a billboard in your front yard declaring your home to be this, that or the other-free zone.

Worried about who dates your daughter? Declare your place to be a “Bum-Free Zone.” Serious losses in your retirement savings? Post that yours is a “401(k) Decline-Free Zone.” Hurricane Sandy bummed you out three years ago? Your beach home is now a “Hurricane Joaquin-Free Zone.” Getting fat? The fridge is now a “Calorie-Free Zone.”

See how it works? Simple and easy and perfectly consistent with the highest level of left-wing thinking that insists that florid or breast-beating words on the front end, not lousy back-end results, are the only things that matter.