Could Garrett pick the next speaker?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Scott Garrett
Scott Garrett

You may’ve missed this Saturday post from New Jersey Herald on North Jersey’s most high-profile conservative, Save Jerseyans, and his possible role ahead of Thursday’s vote to replace John Boehner. It’s worth a read.

Could Scott Garrett and the House Freedom Caucus make or break the frontrunner, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy?

Garrett is one of the nine founding members of the caucus. It was launched by hardline conservatives in January soon after a failed effort, backed by Garrett, to oust Boehner.

Garrett is the only caucus founder from the Northeast, which generally elects Republicans less conservative than elsewhere. The caucus does not disclose a roster, but several published reports place its membership at about 40.

The CNN report did not say whether Garrett attended the meeting with McCarthy. His office did not respond Friday to a request for comment.

Assuming members vote as a block, the caucus will have considerable influence on Thursday’s votes for speaker and majority leader.”

The full article is here.

Garrett, who is reportedly fully and totally undecided, is a bit of rebel having refused to donate to the NRSC over gay marriage and further refusing to back Boehner in his final successful reelection bid.


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  1. Garrett is also very careful about keeping a very low profile; he often flies under the radar and had the bejeezuz scared out of him after a vigorous challenge from his Democrat opponent last go around. If you believe he will do anything to disturb the political waters around him, you are delusional.

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